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Monday July 12nd, 2021 night edition

image for Only 21% of players have defeated Returnal’s final boss so far

It has now been a bit over two months since the release of Returnal, though based on the game’s trophy date, only 21.3% of players have defeated the game’s final boss so far.

Specifically, only 21.3% of players have gotten the “Inner Darkness” achievement for defeating Ophion, the game’s final boss (as of this article’s writing).

The fact that not a lot of players have defeated the game’s final boss is likely due to several factors, the biggest of which we believe is the game’s difficulty.

This means you’ll have to endure another trek through the game’s biomes to defeat a boss if you died to it.

While Old King Allant is technically the penultimate boss in Demon’s Souls, he is essentially the game’s final boss given that the actual final boss is a pushover and not much of a fight.

Based on trophy data, 33% of players have defeated Old King Allant – that’s nearly 12 percentage points more than with Returnal’s final boss completion rate.

Plus, Demon’s Sousl is also considered by a lot of fans to be the easiest among Hidetaka Miyazaki’s games. »

Pope reappears after surgery, backs free universal health care

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In the mostly improvised part of his talk, Francis said good healthcare should be accessible to all and free.

According to the World Health Organization, universal health coverage means that all have access to health services they need without financial hardship.

Doctors had originally foreseen a seven-day stay in hospital for the pope, but there was no indication when he would be discharged. »

Apple's threat to quit Britain over £5bn patent row

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Apple's lawyers warned it could quit the UK market if a court forces the company to pay a 'commercially unacceptable' fee for the technology used in its iPhones.

Apple issued the warning as part of a court battle with UK patent holder Optis Cellular Technology.

Once bitten: Apple issued the warning as part of a court battle with UK patent holder Optis Cellular Technology. »

Senior business figures turned to former PM Kevin Rudd to intervene in bringing forward Australia's Pfizer vaccine supply

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Key points: Australia contracted Pfizer for 40 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to be delivered by the end of the year.

In late June, senior business figures sought to make contact with Pfizer to find out if it was possible to bring forward vaccine deliveries to Australia Senior Pfizer executives told one senior Australian businessman that former prime minister Kevin Rudd could have some influence in Scott Morrison's absence.

Australia eventually signed a deal for just 10 million Pfizer doses in November 2020, four months behind other countries. »