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Friday May 28th, 2021 night edition

image for Manufacturers urged to remove pre-installed apps on new phones

As the EU debates its Digital Markets Act, calls have grown louder for manufacturers to remove all applications pre-installed on new phones in order to combat the oligopoly of “gatekeepers” such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft.

Section 6 of the forthcoming Digital Markets Act (DMA), which “allows end-users to uninstall any pre-installed software application […] without prejudice” still leaves scope for pre-installed apps on new phones.

“By setting their app as the default, Big Tech gatekeepers are blocking out their competitors’ apps from the vast majority of smartphones,” writes ProtonMail on its blog.

According to ITIF’s innovation and antitrust director, Aurelien Portuese, default settings are inherent in the life of businesses.

However, for Renew MEP Yon-Courtin, consumers cannot currently “make a free, informed and simple choice about their installed search engine.”

Google is said to rely on this status quo to encourage people to use its apps, including those concerned about weak privacy protection.

After all, the new competition rules will only directly apply to large companies acting as ‘gatekeepers’. »

'Brain fog' can linger with long-haul COVID-19, study says

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Health staff attends to a COVID-19 patient at the Saint Georges Hospital of Hezbollah in Beirut, Lebanon, in January 2021.

Long-haulers continue to have symptoms long after their COVID diagnosis, and these symptoms can be mental as well as physical.

At the six-month mark, COVID long-haulers reported worse neurocognitive symptoms than at the outset of their illness. »

Matt Gaetz says he will run for presidency in 2024 if Trump does not

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GOP Congressman Matt Gaetz plans to run for the presidency in 2024 if Donald Trump decides not to run.

“If Trump doesn’t run, I’m sure I could defeat whatever remains of Joe Biden by 2024.”.

Both Mr Gaetz and Ms Greene have framed any criticism of them as attacks from the “Deep State” or biased media, as Mr Trump did when he ran for office. »

Lawsuit against the IRS seeking a refund of taxes paid on Tezos

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Joshua and Jessica Jarrett, The Nashville couple, claim that mining or staking coins are not taxable until traded because they establish the creation of property.

Neither the Internal Revenue Code, regulations, case law, and the Constitution permits the treatment of created property as income.

This is the first significant lawsuit filed against the IRS linked to crypto staking rewards. »