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Monday May 3rd, 2021 night edition

image for Sen. Bernie Sanders says US drug companies should relinquish intellectual property rights to COVID-19 vaccines because 'millions of lives are at stake around the world'

Sen. Bernie Sanders repeated calls for pharmaceutical companies to relinquish intellectual property rights to COVID-19 vaccines.

If companies like Pfizer and Moderna relinquished IP rights, their vaccines could be produced globally.

But the companies have opposed these calls, claiming risks to vaccine safety.

"But not only do we have a moral responsibility to help the rest of the world, it's in our own self-interest.

Sanders, an Independent, also weighed in on the debate over whether US pharmaceutical companies should relinquish their intellectual property rights to allow other companies across the world to produce vaccines.

Pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson, and the US Chamber of Commerce have opposed such calls.

More than 80 WHO members have backed a proposal by India and South Africa to temporarily wave the IP rights of the companies. »

Chinese Communist party wing mocks India’s Covid crisis on social media

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A social media post by a powerful wing of the Communist Party of China (CPC) had ridiculed the Covid-19 humanitarian crisis unfolding in India, comparing the lighting of funeral pyres at an Indian crematorium with the launch of a Chinese rocket last week.

The caption to the collage reads something along the lines of - “When China sets things on fire vs. when India does it”.

Chinese official media, too, has a history of mocking Indians during times of bilateral tension. »

Liberals and NDP Block Debate On Updated Charter of Rights and Freedoms Review of Bill C-10

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The motion also calls on the Ministers of Justice and Canadian Heritage to appear before committee to discuss the issue.

By removing one of those safeguards, the Conservatives reasonably argued that the bill had been fundamentally altered and that an updated analysis is needed.

The Liberal government was the one that established requirements for Charter statements to “ensure the rights and freedoms of Canadians are respected throughout the law-making process.” »