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Saturday April 10th, 2021 day edition

image for Nazi Atrocities at Stalingrad Revealed in Declassified Documents

Russia's Ministry of Defence has published online a cache of declassified documents detailing atrocities carried out by Nazi soldiers and officers during World War Two.

There are also accounts of atrocities carried out in concentration camps such as Auschwitz.

Read more Nazi Concentration Guard Deported From U.S. To Germany Nazi Concentration Guard Deported From U.S. To Germany.

Underneath the banner of its website which has the message "they cannot be forgotten" the ministry says the documents testify to "the indescribable atrocities, bullying and mass destruction of the occupied peoples by the fascist invaders.".

The website said that archives were published with the project announced last year by President Vladimir Putin in mind.

Last year, Russia announced six new probes into Nazi war crimes and Putin said that the findings of the Nuremberg trials should not be undermined.

This week he signed into law tougher penalties for those who promote Nazism online and insult war veterans. »

FBI arrests man for plan to kill 70% of Internet in AWS bomb attack

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The FBI arrested a Texas man on Thursday for allegedly planning to "kill of about 70% of the internet" in a bomb attack targeting an Amazon Web Services (AWS) data center on Smith Switch Road in Ashburn, Virginia.

The same source introduced the suspect to an undercover FBI employee posing as an explosives supplier at the end of March.

Pendley told the "supplier" that he was planning to bomb servers he believed were used by the FBI, CIA, and other US federal agencies. »

BBC sets up complaints line for 'too much TV coverage' of Prince Philip's death

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LOS ANGELES — The BBC has set up a dedicated complaints page for viewers fed up with its blanket coverage of the death of Prince Philip.

"We're receiving complaints about too much TV coverage of the death of HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh," reads a statement on the BBC Complaints page, which invites disgruntled viewers to submit an email address to register a complaint.

On BBC Four, as of 10:45 p.m. Friday evening, there was simply a blank screen that reads "Programs on BBC Four have been suspended. »

Duke University to require students to present proof of COVID-19 vaccination before returning for fall semester

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Users would submit their vaccine records for verification and get a digital record to carry as proof of full vaccination.

We spoke tonight 1-1 with @Mike_Schoenfeld about @DukeU decision to require undergrad and grad students to come back to Fall 2021 Semester with their #CovidVaccine.

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- If you are a student and plan on returning to Duke University next semester you will need to have proof that you got a COVID-19 vaccine.Duke University announced Friday that all new and returning students will have to present proof of a COVID-19 vaccination before they can enroll in the fall 2021 semester. »

Childhood diet and exercise creates healthier, less anxious adults

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Exercise and a healthy diet in childhood leads to adults with bigger brains and lower levels of anxiety, according to new UC Riverside research in mice.

Though diet and exercise are consistently recommended as ways to promote health, this study is the first to examine the long-lasting, combined effects of both factors when they are experienced early in life.

Early-life exercise increased adult leptin levels as well as fat mass in adult mice, regardless of the diet they ate. »