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Monday March 22nd, 2021 day edition

image for Zoom increased profits by 4000 per cent during pandemic but paid no income tax, report says

Zoom’s pandemic popularity saw company profits increase by more than 4,000 per cent yet it has paid no federal corporate income tax, according to a new report.

Zoom’s video conferencing platform was widely used by remote workers and school children across the US due to Covid social distancing and quarantine measures.

“The immediate shift to online activity explains the company’s unprecedented income growth.

For many, Zoom has become a ubiquitous daily meeting space, both for work, class instruction, family gatherings and evening happy hours,” said an ITEP report.

“But why was the company’s income bonanza not matched by at least a token federal tax bill?.

Zoom’s income tax reconciliation says it reduced its worldwide income taxes by $300m in 2020 using stock-based compensation.”.

And the report added: “The company appears to have enjoyed tax benefits from accelerated depreciation and research and development tax credits. »

Whiskey makers face worsening hangover from trade dispute

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A leading spirits advocate is imploring top U.S. trade envoy Katherine Tai to not leave whiskey producers behind.

The tariff suspensions applied to duties that had been imposed on some spirits producers on both sides of the Atlantic.

But the breakthroughs left plenty unresolved, including disputes that led to the retaliatory tariffs still hitting American whiskey. »

Maryland Officers Deescalate Situation, Offer Compassion to Man in Behavioral Crisis

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Two Maryland police officers are being credited for helping calm down a man having a behavioral health crisis.

Hyattsville police received a call Saturday about an agitated, angry man inside the convenience store at a Sunoco gas station on East West Highway.

The Hyattsville Police Department is implementing a new program this month that proposes officers have mandatory meetings with psychologists. »

Trump’s election hurt shares of fossil fuel companies — but they’re rallying under Biden

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The counterintuitive result came despite Trump's pledges to embrace fossil fuels and criticism of green energy, leading researchers to conclude that, "The Paris Agreement trumped Trump.".

Diaz-Rainey wrote the paper alongside his University of Otago colleagues Sebastian Gehricke, Helen Roberts and Renzhu Zhang.

Yet despite Biden's pledges, the early days of his presidency have so far been great for fossil fuel shares. »

‘Avatar’ Re-Release Has Grossed More in China Than ‘Mulan’

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With a 10-day re-release total of $44 million, “Avatar” has now passed the $41 million that Disney’s live-action”Mulan” grossed in China last September.

That bar has been set by Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet,” which grossed $66 million in China last summer.

Other films “Avatar” can pass include Pixar’s “Soul” ($57 million) and Universal/DreamWorks’ “The Croods: A New Age” ($53 million). »