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Saturday March 6th, 2021 morning edition

image for Kyrsten Sinema Tweet Calling Minimum Wage Raise 'No-Brainer' Resurfaces After No Vote

Democratic Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema voted against raising the minimum wage to $15 on Friday.

Sinema was one of seven Democrats who voted against an amendment introduced by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) that would add the $15 minimum wage increase back into the coronavirus relief package.

Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) reshared a tweet from 2014, when Sinema was one of Arizona's representatives, urging a rise to the minimum wage.

The petition does not set a target amount for the minimum wage, however.

While Manchin has argued against the $15 minimum wage hike, instead offering a raise to $11 per hour from the current $7.25, Sinema's comments about raising the minimum wage have focused on the parliamentary procedure.

Sinema was in favor of Arizona's state minimum wage increase in 2016.

The minimum wage in Arizona is currently $12 as of January 2020, $4.75 more than the federal minimum wage, but one dollar more than Manchin's proposal. »

Texas grid operator made $16 billion price error during winter storm, watchdog says

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(Reuters) - Power grid operator Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) made a $16 billion pricing error in the week of the winter storm that led to power outages across Texas, Potomac Economics, which monitors the state’s power market, said.

FILE PHOTO: An electrical substation is seen after winter weather caused electricity blackouts in Houston, Texas, U.S. February 20, 2021.

Many of ERCOT’s directors have resigned in the last week, and the head of the Public Utility Commission resigned on Monday. »

Forget $15 an Hour — the Minimum Wage Should Be $24

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Our country’s productivity gains in recent decades should have translated into a minimum wage today of $24 an hour — and by 2025, it should be almost $30.

Baker also calculates that by 2025, rising productivity would bring the minimum wage close to $30 an hour.

The real value of the congressionally mandated federal minimum wage has fluctuated over the past 71 years. »

Texas school scraps chivalry assignment that had girls 'obey any reasonable request of a male'

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A Texas school district has pulled an assignment on chivalry that prompted widespread outrage after images of the lesson circulated online.

Some parents complained about the English assignment, which included rules on how female students at Shallowater High School outside Lubbock should conduct themselves around their male classmates.

And they were told to cook, clean and "obey any reasonable request of a male. »

The Kilobyte’s Gambit ♟️💾 1k chess game

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(NB: if puzzled by a pawn move, please check for en passant before reporting a bug).

Here’s all of the chess engine’s code, it’s a modified version of the 1.25K game on Oscar Toledo G.’s site, where you’ll find all his award-winning tiny chess programs and an ebook explaining how they work. »