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Monday January 4th, 2021 day edition

image for After Trump call, Republican Kinzinger says no member of Congress can object to election with a ‘clean conscience’

Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., said in the wake of the call, no member of Congress could object to the election results with a “clean conscience.”.

Miller said in a statement it is her “responsibility” to Illinois to challenge the presidential election, which she said was “tainted.”.

Trump will leave office with Trumpism, the movement he created, intact and strong.

The audio shows how Trump was trying to put in the fix as Trump muscles Raffensperger to whip up “11,780 votes, which is one more than we have.”.

Kinzinger, mentioned as a possible 2022 Senate candidate, remains one of the few Republicans willing to call out election deniers and the conspiracy theories Trump embraces.

To every member of Congress considering objecting to the election results, you cannot — in light of this — do so with a clean conscience.”.

Later, on CNN, Kinzinger added, “this is so obviously beyond the pale, is probably not even the way to describe it.”. »

Impeach Donald Trump Again

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Today, the Washington Post released what Donald Trump would call a “perfect phone call.”

A Democratic party wanting to take advantage of and heighten the fracturing of the opposition would probably impeach Trump again for trying to steal the election.

It can and should impeach him again for an even graver threat against a domestic public official. »

Genomic epidemiology reveals transmission patterns and dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 in Aotearoa New Zealand

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From 23 May 2020, New Zealand experienced 25 consecutive days with no new reported cases until 16 June, when new infections, linked to overseas travel, were diagnosed.

Maximum clade credibility phylogenetic tree of New Zealand’s largest cluster with an infection that most likely originated in the USA.

Tips are coloured by the reporting District Health Board and their location shown on the map. »

Solar now ‘cheapest electricity in history’: How much will it matter?

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With solar energy and other renewables expected to grow so much by 2040, how can this be so?

The answer is that what the IEA calls non-hydro renewables (solar, wind, geothermal, biomass) will provide 80 percent of the INCREASE in expected global electricity demand.

Even where transportation is being electrified, the growth in internal combustion engine vehicles continues to dwarf those running on electricity. »

Settling Our Differences Through Song?

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However, there are particular societies throughout the world which suppress conflict and arrogance by nonviolent means.

The aboriginal Inuit, a hunter-gatherer society which resides in the Arctic, lack formal political organization or a system of laws.

However, perhaps if all people were to settle their differences by nonviolent means, world peace would be attainable. »