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Tuesday December 8th, 2020 night edition

image for Why Biden Needs to Throw the Book at Trump

President-Elect Joe Biden has continually said he hopes to reforge a bipartisan governing consensus when he takes office next month.

No doubt there is a need for healing divides and finding a common language.

Instead, what gains respect with these personalities are firm boundaries and limit setting, despite their protest.

Additionally, we should show enough respect to hold our fellow human beings accountable to a higher standard even if—and especially if—they cannot do so themselves.

As part of the healing process, Congress should enact or strengthen appropriate legislation.

In fact, we are of the opinion that healing cannot—and should not—occur without prosecution.

In the case of a pathological and criminal president, recommending prosecution is an essential part of setting standards and doing our job as healers. »

Iranian nuclear scientist was killed using 'satellite-controlled machine gun'

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Iran's top nuclear scientist was killed by a satellite-controlled machine gun, according to the country's media.

"The gun was focused only on Martyr Fakhrizadeh, and his wife was not shot, despite being a few centimetres away," he said.

Israel has put its embassies on high alert and has warned that Israeli targets abroad could come under attack by Iran. »

Bees in Australia are Getting Drunk on Fermented Nectar and Being Refused Re-Entry to the Hive

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As Australian Parliament’s head beekeeper Cormac Farrell explained, the phenomenon is likely a result of sunny days and rising temperatures.

As the weather heats up, the nectar in some Australian flowers will ferment, making the foragers drunk.”.

“The drunk #bees are kept out of the hive to stop the honey from fermenting inside, which could hurt the whole colony,” he said. »

Ossoff debates empty podium as Perdue refuses to participate

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Ossoff and Perdue are facing off in one of the two Jan. 5 Senate runoffs in the Peach State.

I had to ask an empty podium a question. — Jon Ossoff (@ossoff) December 7, 2020.

Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler Kelly LoefflerTrump election claims dominate Georgia Senate debate Ossoff debates empty podium as Perdue refuses to participate Loeffler sidesteps debate question on Trump's claims of 'rigged' election MORE (Ga.) and her Democratic opponent, the Rev. »

Georgia re-certifies election results after a second recount upheld Biden's win

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Georgia has re-certified the results of the presidential election in the state, hours after state Sec.

of State Brad Raffensperger confirmed that a machine recount requested by the Trump campaign upheld president-elect Joe Biden's win in the state.

Raffensperger also criticized those who continue to doubt the results of the 2020 presidential election in the state, saying that the push to overturn the results was "hurting the state.". »