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Sunday September 13rd, 2020 morning edition

image for Mallards Ferry Fish Eggs Between Waterbodies Through Their Poop

They found that 0.2 percent of eggs endured the journey through the bird’s digestive tract and showed up in their fresh feces.

A single common carp lays up to 1.5 million small, sticky eggs every time it spawns, and it can spawn multiple times per season.

These eggs float in the water or sink to the shallows and attach to submerged plants.

Turns out, six ducks pooped out 18 intact fish eggs, and 12 of those recovered eggs housed live embryos.

Next, the researchers placed the live eggs in aquaria filled with river water to see if they were viable.

They found that three of the 12 eggs—one common carp and two Prussian carp eggs—hatched within three days of incubation.

Sorensen points out that common carp hatchlings rarely survive in North America’s lakes because predatory fish eat them. »

Disney Admits Mulan Controversy Pileup Has Created a “Lot of Issues for Us”

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In the lead up to its release, Disney’s live-action Mulan has generated a surprising amount of political controversy.

Now Disney brass has admitted that the stack of controversies has caused problems for the studio, especially with the film set to hit theaters in China.

“I’m not a box office prognosticator, but it has generated a lot of publicity,” she said, per the outlet. »

Study highlights ‘systematic opposition’ to regulation in tackling NCDs from food industry

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Lobby groups also challenged established public health evidence about tackling NCDs.

For example, the International Council of Beverages Associations which represents the soft drinks industry questioned the well-established link between sugar-sweetened beverages and obesity suggesting:.

In addition, the lobby group inaccurately argued that the world’s leading public health agency was not in a position to advise on health taxes:. »