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Wednesday August 5th, 2020 night edition

image for Trump Collapses Under Pressure of Extremely Basic Follow-Up Questions About COVID-19

While most interviewers nod along as Trump bullshits his way from topic to topic, Swan took a novel approach.

Whenever the president lied or said something that didn’t make sense, Swan simply asked him to explain.

As Swan soon realizes, Trump is touting that the death rate by the case is lower than in other countries.

Far more pertinent, obviously, is the percentage of the American population Trump has let die from COVID-19, as Swan quickly points out.

“You have to go by… you have to go by…” Trump begins before shuffling some papers and trailing off.

At other points in the interview, Swan barely had to do anything to lead Trump into a damning statement.

When Swan asked if Trump found Lewis impressive, Trump couldn’t say, once again complaining that he should have come to his inauguration. »

Massive explosions devastate Beirut, killing scores and injuring thousands

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BEIRUT: At least 73 people were killed and thousands were injured on Tuesday when a massive explosion ripped through the port area of Beirut.

Nothing remains,” Beirut governor Marwan Abboud said after inspecting the the scene of the explosion.

The Saudi Foreign Ministry said the Kingdom expressed “its deepest condolences to the victims of the Beirut explosion.”. »

The family link that reaches back 300 generations to a Cheddar cave

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Even the Royal Family can only trace its heritage back to King Ecgbert, who ruled from 829AD to 830AD.

By contrast, Cheddar Man, a hunter- gatherer who pre-dated the arrival of farming, lived in 7150BC.

The oldest previously recorded relative was the great- great-great-great grandfather of Confucius who lived in the eighth century BC. »

VALORANT Patch Notes 1.05

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That means this patch comes with a new Agent (have you met?

Killjoy brings her killer robot buddies and round spectacles to VALORANT.

Patch 1.05 marks the end of Competitive Act I—Competitive Act II starts If you earned a rank in Act I, play 3 more games to show your rank again in Act II. »