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Sunday July 12nd, 2020 evening edition

image for Historians will likely rank Trump as one of the worst presidents

Trump could win a second term, but there is no clear path to doing so.

If Trump does go on to lose in November, he doesn't just need to worry about losing to Biden.

Trump needs to worry about the fact that the history books are probably going to put him down as a below average president, if not one of the worst.

None of the presidents who didn't have a second term ranked higher than 13th (John Kennedy, who was assassinated).

Additionally, more voters by far said Trump was the worst president since World War II in a 2018 Quinnipiac University poll .

The presidents who tend to improve the most (such as Dwight Eisenhower) are ones who get that second term.

All told, historians at the end of his first term are likely going to view Trump quite negatively. »

Okinawa demands answers from US after 61 marines contract coronavirus

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US military officials have told them the two bases have been put into lockdown.

Okinawa referendum rejects new US military base but Abe likely to press on Read more.

The marines said on Friday that the troops were taking additional protective measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus and were restricting off-base activities. »

Here's How This Ancient Mayan Pyramid Makes Bird Calls

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That's right, a stone temple has the ability to mimic the sounds a local bird.

The calls are all good imitations of the quetzal bird, a spiritually important animal to the 12th century Mayans.

The staccato sound of two hands clapping together gets transformed, in echoes, to the drawn-out falling tone of the bird. »

Coronavirus: Things US has got wrong

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The US state of Arizona, for instance, is currently registering as many new cases of coronavirus as the entire European Union, which has a population 60 times greater.

The spread of the disease had been slowed, as the daily tally of new cases plateaued.

They're not inching up anymore, they're surging - and the worst, as far as hospitalisations and fatalities, could be yet to come. »

Vulfpeck's Half-Joke 'Silent Album' Made Some Serious Cash

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During its seven-week life on Spotify during March and April, ‘Sleepify’ garnered about 5.5 million plays, according to a royalty statement shared by keyboardist Jack Stratton.

(That figure doesn’t count the payouts for Los Angeles-based Vulfpeck’s more tuneful records, which received smaller play counts and royalties.

Although it’s aiming to play the dates during the second half of September, Stratton acknowledged that its plans are still up in the air. »