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Sunday May 31st, 2020 evening edition

image for Horace Grant kept wearing goggles after eye surgery to make kids with glasses feel better

When you think of former NBA player Horace Grant, two things come to mind: the Chicago Bulls of the early ‘90s, and Grant’s signature goggles.

Reddit user “JDRoc”: What was the initial reason for the goggles?

And did you keep them because you had to, or did you like the look?

That is, until they became a vulnerability after the Knicks’ Charles Oakley repeatedly knocked them off during the 1991 NBA playoffs.

Grant decided not to wear them in later rounds, which made his play noticeably worse.

“He’s been playing great under the basket, but I can see that when he is out a certain distance, he’s becoming insecure.

And my real concern is that under stress, when the game’s on the line, he’s not going to be at maximum efficiency.”. »

Hacktivist Group Anonymous Takes Down Minneapolis PD Website, Releases Video Threatening To Expose Corrupt Police Officers

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In the video, Anonymous calls for Chauvin to be charged with murder in the death of George Floyd and vows to expose police corruption around the country.

anonymous are not playing around, they already hacked minneapolis police department website.. they’re moving fast.. — jelz ⁷ (@cchimbap) May 31, 2020.

Anonymous has been back for like 3 hours and already disabled the Minneapolis PD website — heidi (@idiotgremlin) May 31, 2020. »

Amnesty International: U.S. police must end militarized response to protests

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Amnesty International issued a statement on Sunday morning calling for an end to militarized policing in several U.S. cities and the use of "excessive force" against demonstrators protesting police brutality.

In New York City, video showed police officers driving their cars into a group of protesters.

there were reports of police using tear gas and pepper spray amid violence in cities including Miami and Tampa Bay. »

US patient receives $840,000 bill for COVID-19 treatment

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He was in intensive care for two weeks.

Washington: A high school teacher from the US state of Colorado was shocked to receive a medical bill of $840,000 (Dh3 million) for his treatment for COVID-19, local media reported.

"Seeing that number yesterday for the first bill, it took your breath away again," the wife said. »