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Sunday May 10th, 2020 evening edition

image for More people think UK has handled coronavirus worse than Spain and Italy, poll shows

Only US is judged to have dealt with it worse, after it was reported the UK has the highest death toll of any country in Europe.

The data shows that only the United States is judged by a majority of people in the UK to have fared worse.

While two weeks ago more people thought that the UK had done better than Italy and Spain, now the reverse is the case.

The ONS said 29,648 deaths had been registered in England and Wales with Covid-19 mentioned on the death certificate by 2 May.

Two weeks ago, when Opinium asked people whether the UK had responded better or worse than Italy, 30% said it had done better and 22% worse.

When asked the same question between Tuesday and Thursday of last week, 29% said the UK had done worse and 25% better.

There was a similar turnaround in relation to Spain with 29% believing the UK had handled things worse and 22% better in the latest poll. »

Horses Recognize Pics of Their Keepers

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And research has shown that some species of monkeys, birds and domesticated animals can even distinguish among different faces by looking at photographs alone.

Scientists have also wondered whether domesticated animals that have coexisted with people for thousands of years can recognize different human faces.

The horses correctly identified their current keeper and ignored the stranger’s face about 75 percent of the time, significantly better than chance. »

Asteroid sneaks past satellites in one of the closest flybys on record

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A previously unseen asteroid the size of a truck flew about 4,350 miles (7,000 kilometers) over the Pacific Ocean on Monday, making it one of the closest passes by our planet on record.

Astronomers had no notice of asteroid 2020 JJ's existence, as it was discovered using the Mt.

Close asteroid passes like this aren't really anything worth worrying about, but it's always worth keeping an eye on what's going on near our planet. »

Democrats File Lawsuit to Make Absentee Mail-In Voting Accessible to Everyone During Pandemic

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One issue that comes up repeatedly as the coronavirus pandemic interferes with the 2020 election season is how to ensure that people can vote safely.

This suit was also filed in a federal court over officials’ failure to ensure that all voters can vote by mail during the pandemic.

If people are discouraged from voting or have to make choices about choosing between voting and being able to protect their health, that’s not a good plan for democracy. »