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Wednesday April 29th, 2020 day edition

image for No COVID-19 bailouts for firms that use tax havens, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says his government will not allow companies that use offshore tax havens to receive COVID-19 bailout funds.

During the House of Commons’ first virtual sitting Tuesday, Trudeau was pressed by the Bloc Québécois to prevent companies that don’t pay their fair share of tax from benefitting from government aid.

“We will continue to ensure that those who need help will get it, but those who evade or avoid tax will not receive aid,” he said.

Last week, under repeated questioning from both the BQ and NDP, Trudeau had refused to make the same commitment, saying that his government would not withhold wage subsidies from a worker just because of the behaviour of their employer.

Bloc leader Yves-François Blanchet later tweeted: “The government seems to have finally accepted (to do this). »

Cruz bill aims to block Pentagon help to studios that censor films for China

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Film studios often edit their films before they air in China, as they seek to court audiences there by pacifying the country’s strict censorship rules.

The cuts came after a government-linked TV association called homosexuality “abnormal” and admonished studios not to depict it, per the wire service.

Cruz’s bill would block the Pentagon from helping any studios that recently altered their movies to comply with Chinese demands, and would make studios promise not to censor their films before getting any DOD help. »

Andrew Yang sues over New York’s shutdown of presidential primary

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The move infuriated supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders, in particular.

The suit filed by Yang also argued that axing the Democratic presidential primary would hurt down-ballot candidates.

New York’s presidential primary was originally consolidated with the state”s other federal and state primaries on June 23. »

Irrfan Khan, actor extraordinaire and India’s face in the West, dies at 53

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India’s most recognisable face in the west and an actor par excellence, Irrfan had left India shocked in 2018 when he had announced that he’d been diagnosed with neuroendocrine tumour.

And a man of few words and an actor of silent expressions with his deep eyes and his memorable actions on screen.

Irrfan was a strong soul, someone who fought till the very end and always inspired everyone who came close to him. »