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Thursday April 16th, 2020 day edition

image for Michigan governor says protesters against stay-at-home order 'might have just created a need to lengthen it'

endorsed former presidential primary rival Joe Biden on Wednesday, and she explained why to MSNBC's Rachel Maddow on Wednesday night.

She and Biden "both want the same thing: We want this country to work, and we want it to work for everyone," Warren said.

"So I'm in this fight to help any way I can," including "to help on the policy front."

With this coronavirus pandemic, "we have seen the importance of having a leader that we can count on in a crisis," she added.

"If he asked you to be his running mate, would you say yes?"

This makes no sense at all and it's putting people's lives at risk" and that "ultimately costs us our economy as well.".

"On a scale of Wall Street bailout to Tom Cotton's salary, how big a waste of taxpayer money is having states bid on PPE?" »

Apple announces the new $399 iPhone SE for 2020

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It’s a design that has stayed consistent since the iPhone 6, which makes the iPhone SE essentially the fifth generation of that same look.

The iPhone SE is essentially an iPhone 8 with a better camera and processor — and a lower price tag.

For people who thought the iPhone 6, iPhone 7, and iPhone 8 were too large, the second-generation iPhone SE is unlikely to change their minds. »

US judge cancels permit for Keystone XL pipeline from Canada

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This March 11, 2020 photo provided by the Bureau of Land Management shows the proposed route of the Keystone XL oil pipeline where it crosses into the U.S. from Canada in Phillips County, Mont.

(AP) — A U.S. judge canceled a key permit Wednesday for the Keystone XL oil pipeline that’s expected to stretch from Canada to Nebraska, another setback for the disputed project that got underway less than two weeks ago following years of delays.

Pipeline sponsor TC Energy will need the permit for future construction across hundreds of rivers and streams along Keystone’s 1,200-mile (1,930-kilometer) route. »

Trump threatens to adjourn both chambers of congress – something no president has ever done

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Article II, Section 3, Clause 3 of the US constitution gives a president the power to adjourn both chambers if they cannot agree on an adjourn date.

The president said he would prefer “not doing” the adjournment order, but feels strongly he “needs” to make some appointments.

Both chambers have been meeting in so-called pro forma sessions, although with almost no legislators present. »

China to ban online games because they are an “authority vacuum”

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This revelation comes only days after Animal Crossing: New Horizons was removed from sale in the country.

The Chinese Communist Party is said to be unhappy that Chinese players are able to engage in unregulated spaces for socialisation in these games.

In addition, online single-player games will be screened, as well as these online multiplayer games. »