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Thursday April 16th, 2020 morning edition

image for Hot qubits made in Sydney break one of the biggest constraints to practical quantum computers

Dr Henry Yang and Professor Andrew Dzurak with a dilution refrigerator designed to keep qubits operating at extremely cold temperatures.

Most quantum computers being developed around the world will only work at fractions of a degree above absolute zero.

That requires multi-million-dollar refrigeration and as soon as you plug them into conventional electronic circuits they’ll instantly overheat.

The researchers’ proof-of-concept quantum processor unit cell, on a silicon chip, works at 1.5 Kelvin – 15 times warmer than the main competing chip-based technology being developed by Google, IBM, and others, which uses superconducting qubits.

Quantum computers are expected to outperform conventional ones for a range of important problems, from precision drug-making to search algorithms.

The unit cell developed by Dzurak’s team comprises two qubits confined in a pair of quantum dots embedded in silicon.

It would also be easier to integrate with conventional silicon chips, which will be needed to control the quantum processor. »

Trump threatens to adjourn both chambers of congress – something no president has ever done

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Article II, Section 3, Clause 3 of the US constitution gives a president the power to adjourn both chambers if they cannot agree on an adjourn date.

The president said he would prefer “not doing” the adjournment order, but feels strongly he “needs” to make some appointments.

Both chambers have been meeting in so-called pro forma sessions, although with almost no legislators present. »

Apple announces the new $399 iPhone SE for 2020

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It’s a design that has stayed consistent since the iPhone 6, which makes the iPhone SE essentially the fifth generation of that same look.

The iPhone SE is essentially an iPhone 8 with a better camera and processor — and a lower price tag.

For people who thought the iPhone 6, iPhone 7, and iPhone 8 were too large, the second-generation iPhone SE is unlikely to change their minds. »

China to ban online gaming, chatting with for...

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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — After blocking a popular Nintendo game "Animal Crossing," the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is taking its political censorship to the extreme by disconnecting Chinese online gamers from their guildmates outside China.

The communist regime is said to have noticed an authority vacuum in online multiplayer games, which enables people to freely socialize without monitoring.

One-player online games will also be subject to surveillance, as a new real-name mechanism is going to be implemented in China. »

'Game of Thrones' Star Kristofer Hivju Says He's "Fully Recovered" From Coronavirus

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Game of Thrones star Kristofer Hivju on Wednesday revealed he has "fully recovered" after testing positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19) last month.

The actor shared the happy news on his social media after being in quarantine for "several weeks."

In an Instagram post, Hivju shared a photo of himself and his wife, who he said was most likely infected by the virus after being in contact with him. »