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Saturday April 11st, 2020 day edition

image for Mexico closes U.S.-owned plant for allegedly refusing to sell ventilators to Mexican hospitals

TIJUANA, MEXICO -- The northern Mexico border state of Baja California closed a plant run by the Anglo-American health care firm Smiths Medical Friday for allegedly refusing to sell ventilators to Mexican hospitals.

Baja California Gov. Jaime Bonilla said the firm refused to sell Mexico some of the machines, which are badly needed to treat patients with coronavirus.

Bonilla said the firm had continued to operate its assembly plant under the argument it provided an "essential" service, when most non-essential plants have been ordered closed to combat the pandemic.

But Bonilla ordered the Smiths Medical factory closed, because he argued it was providing no such essential service to Mexicans, and thus was not obeying health emergency contingency measures.

"They said `no, we are not going to sell you anything, we are just going to continue to use your labour'.".

Bonilla accused the company of contacting Mexico's foreign relations secretary and the U.S.

Mexico now has 3,844 case of the new coronavirus, with 233 deaths nationwide. »

Carole and Howard Baskin say ‘Tiger King’ makers betrayed their trust

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The series spent considerable airtime insinuating Baskin may be responsible for the 1997 disappearance of her ex-husband.

These days, she said she fears leaving home because of the death threats that flooded in after the series aired.

“I really hope what will come of this is that law enforcement will take this seriously,” Carole Baskin said. »

Poll: 59 percent of voters more concerned about rolling back social distancing too soon than economic fallout

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The majority of voters are more concerned about rolling back social distancing too soon than the potential economic fallout from the coronavirus, according to a new Hill-HarrisX poll.

The poll found majorities of most demographic groups agreed that the bigger concern was rolling back social distancing measure too soon, though there were some disparities.

Republican voters were less likely than Democratic or independent ones to be more concerned about rolling back social distancing too soon, though it was still a majority. »

Domhnall Gleeson Will Try Anything Once

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And, when we finally see him act on set, we witness an actor totally committed to the part.

No half-hearted horse-humper, he twirls one hand in the air before grabbing his partner’s haunches in a fit of passion.

In that respect, Billy Johnson, his role in the Vicky Jones–created Run, represents the quintessential Domhnall Gleeson part. »