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Tuesday March 31st, 2020 morning edition

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It is difficult to articulate the speed with which the U.S. and, indeed, the world, has descended into an existential crisis.

The deadly spread of COVID-19 demands enclosure as a way to starve the searching virus of bodies to inhabit.

The consequences of doing so removes workers from work and consumers from consumption; no economy can operate under these conditions.

It revealed the disaster within the disaster; gruelling poverty rose to the surface like a bruise to our skin.”.

The poor are relegated as socially dysfunctional and inept, unable to cash in on the riches of American society.

There are more than forty million poor people in the U.S., but they almost never merit a mention.

When Nixon ran for reëlection, in 1972, he claimed that his campaign pitted the “work ethic” against the “welfare ethic. »

Nintendo has big plans for Super Mario Bros.’ 35th anniversary

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Nintendo is planning to celebrate Super Mario Bros.’ 35th anniversary this year with several major releases, new and old.

As VGC’s network partner Eurogamer reported in a follow-up to our story, these remasters will include 1997’s Super Mario 64, 2002’s Super Mario Sunshine and 2007’s Super Mario Galaxy.

Nintendo will also release several other Mario titles in 2020, including a new instalment in the Paper Mario series and a Deluxe version of 2013’s Super Mario 3D World. »

Hungarian Coronavirus Act passes, granting Viktor Orbán unprecedented emergency powers

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With 138 votes for, and 53 against, the Hungarian Parliament had passed the Coronavirus Act, granting the government emergency powers that are unprecedented since the fall of communism thirty years ago.

The Coronavirus Act also introduces a number of other changes to the constitutional order of the country:.

For a detailed analysis of the Coronavirus Act, see our previous article on the topic:. »