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Friday March 20th, 2020 day edition

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'It is unclear why quality control did not detect this issue': Early CDC tests couldn't distinguish between coronavirus and water

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The CDC botched its early development of coronavirus test kits, according to a government email obtained by The Wall Street Journal.

In particular, some of the CDC's tests wrongly detected the new coronavirus in laboratory-grade water.

"It is unclear why quality control did not detect this issue before the kits were sent out to states," the email noted. »

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called for Sen. Richard Burr's resignation after he reportedly sold off $1.7 million in stocks after reassuring the public of US preparedness during the coronavirus outbreak

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez of New York called for Sen. Richard Burr's resignation after he reportedly sold off up to $1.7 million in stock after assuring the public of US preparedness amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Burr co-wrote an op-ed for Fox News in early February assuring Americans that the US was prepared for the threat the coronavirus posed to the public.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez called for the resignation of Sen. Richard Burr after a ProPublica report revealed the US Senator sold off up to $1.72 million in stocks after reassuring the public of the United States' preparedness during the coronavirus outbreak. »

Sen. Kelly Loeffler Dumped Millions in Stock After Coronavirus Briefing

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“Appreciate today’s briefing from the President’s top health officials on the novel coronavirus outbreak,” she tweeted about the briefing at the time.

It was the first of 29 stock transactions that Loeffler and her husband made through mid-February, all but two of which were sales.

In the weeks after her spate of stock trades, Loeffler sought to downplay the public-health and financial threats posed by the coronavirus. »

GameStop rules itself 'essential retail' and therefore immune to lockdown closures

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“We have received reports of local authorities visiting stores in an attempt to enforce closure despite our classification,” reads a portion of that memo.

“Store Managers are approved to provide the document linked below to law enforcement as needed.”.

Any lockdown enforcers are told to contact GameStop corporate for more information on GameStop’s self-decreed essential status. »