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Friday February 7th, 2020 day edition

image for Wombat water hole proving popular in drought-ravaged Hunter Valley

Key points: A well dug by wombats has attracted a variety of native fauna to the unique water source.

The wombats have been compared to water diviners by one biologist because of how they dug right at the location of the underground water source.

He said the hole has been there for long time, but has recently grown larger as wombats dig deeper during the drought.

Mr Finnie said the "wombat soak" was often used by wombats, kangaroos, wallabies and wallaroos, but it was now vital to many more animals during the drought.

Mr Finnie, who is a retired Taronga Zoo veterinarian, said the animals had the hero wombats to thank.

"It's almost like the wombats are water diviners, they're finding the water and digging the holes to get to the water and the other animals are taking advantage of it," Dr Old said.

"We often call wombats ecological engineers because they're digging burrows and they make habitat for other animals. »

Casey Anthony detectives overlooked Google search for "fool-proof" suffocation methods, sheriff says

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Angelo Nieves of the Orange County sheriff's office said Sunday that the agency's computer investigator missed the June 16, 2008, search.

Anthony's attorneys argued during trial that Casey Anthony helped her father, George Anthony, cover up the girl's drowning in the family pool.

WKMG reported that sheriff's investigators overlooked over 1,200 entries including the suffocation search from the computer's Mozilla Firefox browser, which was most commonly used by Casey Anthony. »

Colorado district attorney 'incredibly frustrated' he's unable to prosecute cop found drunk in patrol car

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Colorado district attorney 'incredibly frustrated' he's unable to prosecute cop found drunk in patrol car Aurora officer Nathan Meier was found passed out, armed and in his patrol car.

A Colorado district attorney expressed frustration Thursday at not being able to prosecute an Aurora police officer who was found passed out drunk in his car last year, calling the department’s failure to launch a DUI investigation a double standard meant to protect one of its own.

Officer Nathan Meier was found unresponsive in his city-owned police car parked in the middle of an Aurora street on March 29, 2019. »

Hank Aaron says Astros who stole signs should be banned from baseball

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Hank Aaron says perpetrators in Astros sign-stealing scheme 'should be out of baseball'.

The Houston Astros crossed a line in 2017, however, when they used electronics in their scheme to relay signs to hitters in real-time.

But one MLB all-time legend and baseball's former home run king, Hank Aaron, said Thursday on "The Today Show" that anyone involved in the scheme should face the harshest of penalties: a lifetime ban. »

Sanders: I wish other Republicans shared Romney's 'sense of decency'

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"I think that Mitt Romney showed a great deal of courage and I wish there were other Republicans that shared the same sense of decency," Sanders, who voted to convict Trump on both counts, said at a CNN town hall.

Romney voted against the second article of impeachment accusing the president of obstruction of Congress, which failed strictly along party lines.

However, Republicans expressed disappointment in Romney's decision, and Trump publicly criticized Romney for the vote. »