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Friday February 7th, 2020 morning edition

image for Study suggests that inquiry-based stress-reduction can help reduce anxiety and procrastination – Solving Procrastination

A study that was recently published in Frontiers in Psychology suggests that a novel cognitive technique can help reduce anxiety and procrastination.

The study was motivated by prior research, which shows that people often procrastinate because they’re anxious about a task that they have to complete.

In many cases, this anxiety can occur as a result of issues with people’s ­self-efficacy, which is a person’s appraisal of their ability to complete a specific task.

In the study, 71 university students interested in dealing with test anxiety and/or academic procrastination were divided into a control group and an intervention group.

Participants in the intervention group then attended another seminar, where they learned to investigate their stressful thoughts using a method called inquiry-based stress reduction (IBSR).

The IBSR method uses a specific set of questions to allow for the identification and exploration of stressful cognitions (e.g., “I am not able to study sufficiently”).

This, together with the fact that this method is easy to implement, makes it an attractive solution for people struggling with anxiety and procrastination. »

Colorado district attorney 'incredibly frustrated' he's unable to prosecute cop found drunk in patrol car

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Colorado district attorney 'incredibly frustrated' he's unable to prosecute cop found drunk in patrol car Aurora officer Nathan Meier was found passed out, armed and in his patrol car.

A Colorado district attorney expressed frustration Thursday at not being able to prosecute an Aurora police officer who was found passed out drunk in his car last year, calling the department’s failure to launch a DUI investigation a double standard meant to protect one of its own.

Officer Nathan Meier was found unresponsive in his city-owned police car parked in the middle of an Aurora street on March 29, 2019. »

TikTok reportedly waited nearly 3 hours to call police in Brazil after a teen's death was livestreamed on the platform, but the company notified its own PR team almost immediately

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TikTok waited nearly three hours after being notified of a Brazilian teenager's death in a livestreamed video to report the incident to police, The Intercept reported.

TikTok reportedly waited nearly three hours after it was aware of an apparent livestreamed suicide to report the incident to police.

A report from The Intercept has revealed that a 19-year-old in Brazil livestreamed his death on the video-sharing platform nearly a year ago. »

How Millennials Spend on Their Pets

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Millennials now make up the largest segment (35 percent) of pet owners, but how do they actually feel about their furry friends?

Male millennials are actually more likely to be pet owners than their female counterparts (76 percent and 68 percent, respectively).

• A majority of millennial pet owners (68 percent) would take leave from work to care for a new pet if their employer offered it. »