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Thursday January 2nd, 2020 night edition

image for Illinois rings in New Year's Day with its first legal recreational marijuana sales

KEY POINTS Illinois joins 10 other states and the District of Columbia in the commercial sale and purchase of marijuana for recreational use.

Marijuana consumers are expected to flock to the more than three dozen licensed dispensaries in the state, most located in Chicago or Chicago suburbs.

An employee holds a jar of marijuana on sale after it became legal in the state to sell recreational marijuana to customers over 21 years old in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Illinois begins the legal sale of marijuana on Jan 1, 2020.

Illinois rings in the new year on Wednesday by joining 10 states and the District of Columbia in allowing the legal sale and purchase of marijuana.

The law, which also imposes a tax on marijuana sales, is expected to generate a large amount of revenue for the state.

In Chicago alone, tax revenues from recreational marijuana are expected by city representatives to reach $3.5 million in 2020. »

Ambivalent attraction: Beauty determines whether men romantically desire or dismiss high status women

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We propose that physical attractiveness determines whether heterosexual men desire or dismiss romance with high-status women.

In each experiment, heterosexual men encountered a moderately-attractive or highly-attractive woman who aspired to (or held) a low-status or high-status job.

As predicted, a meta-analysis across all three experiments revealed that higher (vs. lower) status decreased men's attraction to moderately-attractive women (d = -0.20), whereas higher (vs. lower) status increased men's attraction to highly-attractive women (d = 0.47). »

Adrian Wojnarowski auf Twitter: "David Stern — the Hall of Fame ex-NBA Commissioner — has died at 77 years old. He oversaw tremendous growth in his 30 years as commissioner, retiring in 2014. Stern ha

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Atheist Group Asks IRS to Probe Megachurch Over Pro-Trump Rally, Says Event Violates Rule Banning Political Participation

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"FFRF respectfully request that the IRS commence an immediate investigation into King Jesus Ministry's violation prohibiting 501(c)(3) organizations from participating in and/or intervening in a political campaign," wrote Markert.

"The IRS should take appropriate action to remedy any violations that occurred or which continue to occur.".

"But perhaps it is not surprising, given the president's incessant and untrue mantra that the Johnson Amendment has been repealed. »