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Friday December 20th, 2019 day edition

image for Senator Says There Is 'Increasing Talk' That Mitch McConnell Should Recuse Himself From Impeachment Trial

A Democratic Senator has said there is "increasing talk" that Mitch McConnell should "recuse himself" from President Donald Trump's likely impeachment trial.

The Democratic senator also claimed his own biases against Trump were "immaterial" and said he would decided how to vote "based only on the evidence.".

McConnell told reporters yesterday that there was "not anything judicial" about the impeachment process and called it a "political decision.".

He said: "I think it's pretty safe to say in a partisan exercise like this people sort of sign up with their own side.

I think we're going to get an almost entirely partisan impeachment.

Speaking about McConnell's statements on MSNBC's Meet the Press Daily, Sen. Brown said: "I'm not easily shocked by Mitch McConnell.

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If you made a claim for $125 from Equifax, you're not getting it after court awards nearly $80 million to attorneys

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On Thursday, Dec. 19, a Georgia federal judge awarded $77.5 million to the attorneys representing the class of consumers against Equifax.

It's also one more reason why the consumers who sought a cash settlement from Equifax won't be getting the full $125 as initially expected.

In July, credit bureau Equifax agreed to pay a total of nearly $700 million for its role in the massive 2017 data breach, which impacted 147 million consumers. »

Paid Leave and Access to Telework as Work Attendance Determinants during Acute Respiratory Illness, United States, 2017–2018

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Both paid leave benefits and business practices that actively encourage employees to stay home while sick are necessary to reduce the transmission of ARI and influenza in workplaces.

Approximately 74% of US civilian workers receive paid sick leave and 75% receive paid vacation leave benefits (11).

Our study results show that both paid leave benefits and business practices that actively encourage employees to stay home when ill may be necessary to keep sick employees away from the workplace. »

The Amazing Handmade Tech That Powered Apollo 11’s Moon Voyage

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The spacesuits were the work of Playtex, the company that gave America the “Cross Your Heart” bra in the 1960s.

Some of the layers of fabric in the suits were adapted directly from materials Playtex used in its bras and girdles.

An ILC Industries employee sews layers of aluminized plastic together during the assembly of a NASA space suit for the Apollo program. »

Facebook faces another huge data leak affecting 267 million users

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More than 267 million Facebook users’ IDs, phone numbers, and names were exposed to an online database that could potentially be used for spam and phishing campaigns.

Most of the Facebook users that were affected by this leak are located in the U.S., and the data included people’s Facebook IDs, phone numbers, and their full names.

As recent as last month, private data of Facebook and Twitter users were also compromised through malicious third-party Android apps. »