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Thursday November 14th, 2019 day edition

image for Iowa man used his secret fortune to send 33 strangers to college

Dale Schroeder was a simple, humble man from Iowa, who ended up changing the lives of 33 people forever.

Schroeder worked as a carpenter at the same company for 67 years.

His friend Steve Nielsen described Schroeder as a "blue collar, lunch pail kind of guy.".

When he died in 2005, no one could have guessed how rich Schroeder really was.

He had no living descendants, so before he died, he went to his lawyer with a plan for his money.

Not only did Schroeder have enough money to send a few kids to college, he had enough saved to send dozens.

"You can't pay it back, because Dale is gone, but you can remember him and you can emulate him. »

Disney Plus Warns Users Older Movies Have ‘Outdated Cultural Depictions’

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The newly launched Disney Plus has no shortage of content, ranging from original animated classics to live-action remakes and “Star Wars” offshoot “The Mandalorian.”

With that deep library, Disney is offering a warning that some of the streaming platform’s older content has “outdated cultural depictions.”.

Before such movies plays, another message appears that reads, “The cartoons you are about to see are products of their time. »

Taiwan calls on the international community to stand by Hong Kong

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TAIPEI (DPA) - Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen on Wednesday (Nov 13) called on the international community to take action to stand by Hong Kong after a number of universities there were stormed by riot police the previous day.

"I want to call on the Hong Kong government to pull back just in time and not to respond to the people with violence," Ms Tsai wrote on Facebook.

"The international community and people upholding values of democracy and freedom must take action and pay attention to the situation in Hong Kong, which is out of control," Ms Tsai said. »

‘The Witcher’ Gets Early Season 2 Renewal at Netflix

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The second season of the Henry Cavill-led fantasy series will begin production in London early in 2020, for a planned debut in 2021, according to Netflix.

Like the first season, Season 2 will also consist of eight episodes.

Also Read: 'The Witcher' Finally Gets a Premiere Date From Netflix - Watch the First Trailer Here (Video). »

Bill and Melinda Gates-funded invention could invisibly solve malnutrition

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Additional nutritional programs are often underfunded — which is why, in part, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has taken on the challenge.

Governments, nonprofits, businesses, and organizations often fortify food, encourage breastfeeding, or offer supplements in places without adequate nutrition.

Then, they encapsulated 11 micronutrients including iron, iodine, zinc, and B12 inside the BMC microparticle, which is slightly larger than the diameter of a single human hair. »