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Thursday August 22nd, 2019 day edition

image for The World's Largest Electric Vehicle Is a Dump Truck

But this electric vehicle is much more badass because it's the world's largest EV—and it's a 110-ton dump truck.

The truck is used to haul lime and marlstone, which contains clay and silt, from the sides of mountains in Switzerland.

Then, the material is transported directly to a cement factory.

But here's the really impressive piece of engineering—this heavy dump truck never needs to be charged.

Here's how it works: The dump truck, itself, weighs 45 tons and ascends a hill at a 13 percent grade, in one scenario.

The dump truck is officially called the Elektro Dumper, but the German manufacturer, Kuhn Schweitz, made life a lot easier by naming it eDumper for short.

Your average dump truck, by contrast, uses between 11,000 and 22,000 gallons of diesel fuel each year. »

Why do we still believe in 'lunacy' during a Full Moon?

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In the dark sky, the clouds shift, revealing the Full Moon’s eerie silver gleam, and the people on Earth below go mad.

The science, though, says something different.Blaming the Full Moon for strange behavior is a time-honored tradition.

(The word lunatic, by the way, comes from the Latin luna: moon. »

Teen sues Fresno PD using body cam video of officer punching him multiple times

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EMBED >More News Videos BODY CAM FOOTAGE: Several body cameras recorded the confrontation, which is now the subject of an internal affairs investigation.

You can see him bleeding," said attorney Nolan Kane.London Wallace had no gang connections and no criminal history.

"And I don't see anything that was consistent with an officer basically putting his fist right through his face. »