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Saturday August 3rd, 2019 morning edition

image for ‘Moscow Mitch’ merchandise sales top $200,000 in 48 hours, Kentucky Dems say

Sales from “Moscow Mitch” merchandise exceeded $200,000 in a 48-hour period, the Kentucky Democratic Party claimed in a Friday press release.

Capitalizing on McConnell’s ire, the Kentucky Democratic Party on Wednesday rolled out an array of “Moscow Mitch” merchandise online, including a T-shirt, a hat, drinkware, stickers and buttons.

“People are sick of [McConnell’s policies], and this is their way of expressing their outrage,” Kentucky Democratic Party spokeswoman Marisa McNee said in a press release.

“This campaign has really caught the imagination of voters in Kentucky and across the country.”.


The Kentucky Democrat Party said it's gotten orders for the merchandise from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Nicole Erwin, the communications director for the Kentucky Democratic Party, said the “Moscow Mitch” merchandise line will be available “as long as people are interested in this.”. »

Pentagon testing mass surveillance balloons across the US

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The balloons are carrying hi-tech radars designed to simultaneously track many individual vehicles day or night, through any kind of weather.

The US military is launching unmanned surveillance balloons over portions of the midwest.

The new balloons promise a cheap surveillance platform that could follow multiple cars and boats for extended periods. »

Exclusive: Manchester United complete Harry Maguire transfer from Leicester for £85million

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The long-running Harry Maguire transfer saga finally came to an end on Friday morning when Leicester City accepted an £85 million offer from Manchester United that makes the England international the most expensive defender in history.

At that point it became simply too good a price for Leicester to turn down and the club felt that it was right that Maguire, who has handled an awkward situation well, should be allowed to leave.

It seals a remarkable transformation in the career of the 26-year-old Maguire, who joined Hull City from Sheffield United for £2.5 million almost five years ago to the day. »

NASA gives SpaceX a challenge with the moon as a prize

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He has also suggested that the new rocket could land on the moon in two years.

If SpaceX is able to land a Starship on the lunar surface, the space agency will partner with the company to conduct voyages to the moon on the rocket ship.

Mark Whittington is the author of space exploration studies “Why is It So Hard to Go Back to the Moon? »