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Thursday July 25th, 2019 day edition

image for Anti-gay GOP state rep resigns amid allegations of Grindr hookups

In January 2014, the gossip blog The Dirty published messages Sanderson allegedly sent to an unnamed male Vanderbilt student in which Sanderson writes that he is a “state rep” representing Obion, Lake and Dyer Counties, his actual district.

But while Grindr messages are easily faked, Gervin writes:.

“The Grindr and text messages I have seen do appear to be authentic.

Sources confirm having been told about the messages at the time by their friends who received them.

In his alleged Grindr profile, Sanderson reportedly calls himself “Brian” and describes himself as being in an “open relationship.”

Gavin also writes that she has spoken with an unnamed UT Martin student who “connected with Sanderson on Grindr several years ago when he was 19.”

Later, he said Sanderson massaged his shoulders and “otherwise hit on him in a manner that made him feel uncomfortable.” »

DoorDash Says It’s Very Sorry You Noticed Its Tip-Skimming Scheme

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DoorDash offers its delivery drivers a guaranteed payout for each order, upfront—a flat $1 per order plus additional compensation calculated by some kind of malign algorithm.

In other words, DoorDash customers were essentially conned into tipping DoorDash, not the driver.

Gizmodo has reached out to DoorDash for comment, and we’ll update this post if we hear back. »

Rutger Hauer, ‘Blade Runner’ Co-Star, Dies at 75

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The show proved wildly popular, and Hauer reprised the part in a 1975 revival of the series, “Floris von Rosemund.”.

He is survived by his second wife of 50 years, Ineke ten Cate, and a daughter, actress Aysha Hauer, from his marriage to Heidi Merz. »

A Brief History of Citröen, Part 1: Ignoring War and Sabotaging Nazis on Their Way to Producing Funky, Iconic Cars

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That's why, when Allied victory came in late 1918, Citröen was ready to roll out a car just four months later.

The lightweight, relatively affordable 18-horsepower Citröen Type A was a success, and by 1920 the Parisian factory was producing 100 per day.

But as Citröen developed the B2 into the B10 (below) in the mid-1920s, they shifted towards modern-day all-steel construction. »

Historian unearths solid evidence for the Armenian Genocide

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Mahsusa (Special Organization) led by provincial governors in 1st December 1914.

The Armenian Genocide, the Ottoman government's systematic extermination of 1.5 million Armenians, was carried out during and after World War I.

While present day Turkey accepts that many Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire were killed in clashes with Ottoman forces during the war, it continues to contest the 1.5 million figure and denies that the killings were systematically orchestrated and constitute a genocide. »