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Thursday July 11st, 2019 night edition

image for I hope Jeffrey Epstein sings like a bird. And if some Democrats go down, so be it | Jill Filipovic

The wealthy and well-connected financier and registered sex offender was arrested this week in New York on accusations of child sex trafficking.

Epstein allegedly groomed and recruited dozens of underage girls, many of them vulnerable runaways, for sex with him and his friends.

Epstein’s friends and contacts include President Donald Trump, President Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and high-powered attorney Alan Dershowitz, among many others.

In 2002, Trump characterized Epstein as a “terrific guy” who enjoyed the company of girls “on the younger side.”.

The only way forward is to demand accountability from Epstein, his co-conspirators, and his enablers, without exception and without excuse.

Or Alex Acosta, Trump’s labor secretary, who is the reason Jeffrey Epstein isn’t sitting in federal prison.

Sadly, in the Trump era of lowered expectations and even more dismal behavior, we can’t even count on that. »

energy terminated our contract with @HaasF1Team for poor performance. We aim to beat @redbullracing & being behind @WilliamsRacing in Austria is unacceptable. The politics and PC attitude in @F1 is al

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Despite having praised Epstein, Trump now says he ‘wasn’t a fan’

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Former President Bill Clinton praised his intellect and philanthropic efforts and was a frequent flyer aboard his private jet.

One of Trump’s go-to moves is pretending not to know friends, associates, and employees once they run into trouble.

But either way, today probably won’t be the last time the president is asked about his connections to the accused. »

Some of Putin’s Top Cops Are Mobsters. Even KGB Vets Are Ashamed.

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Ranking officers of the Federal Security Service, known as the FSB, are allegedly involved, as are members of some of its most elite units.

One might think those arrests made by the internal affairs division of the FSB would make other criminals in the security force lie low.

Veteran agents of the Soviet KGB, the predecessor of the FSB, said they were disgusted by the scandal. »

New Accuser Jennifer Araoz: Jeffrey Epstein Raped Me in His NYC Townhouse When I Was 15

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A new accuser has come forward to claim that Jeffrey Epstein sexually assaulted her when she was 14 and then raped her at the age of 15 inside his New York City townhouse.

Once there, she said she was initially treated well, given wine and a tour of the house before being handed $300.

Araoz said Epstein showed her his massage room—where erotic paintings hung around the massage table—which he said was his favorite room in the house. »