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Monday June 10th, 2019 night edition

image for Pay attention to the growing wave of climate change lawsuits

In Canada, the Netherlands, and Ireland, citizens are taking their governments to court to demand more ambitious policies to fight climate change.

And litigation offers something missing from every other climate change mitigation strategy, whether it’s the Green New Deal or a carbon tax: a villain.

With so many lawsuits filed across so many jurisdictions, the likelihood of a climate case getting to a trial is growing.

The litigation also circumvents the legislative process, which is arguably where climate change policies should be implemented in the first place.

But the current wave of litigation is bringing up new legal questions in the context of climate change for the first time.

The complaint notes that the federal government has long known about the consequences of burning fossil fuels, namely climate change.

Climate change lawsuits could lead to multibillion-dollar payouts, and force an unwilling government to make cutting greenhouse gases a central priority. »

25 things Apple announced for iOS 13 that we want on Android

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iOS 13 is introducing a system-wide Dark Mode, but unlike Android Q's, it can also be turned on automatically.

It wasn't mentioned during the keynote, but iOS 13 brings a setting to preserve your battery's performance and longevity.

A long, long sigh escaped me when Apple announced multi-user support for Apple TV, with a customized homescreen and recommendations per profile. »

Are You a Morning Person, Night Person, or Neither?

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If you never felt you quite fit into the "morning person" or "evening person" mold, you may have been on to something.

New research published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences identifies two new personality types to describe people's level of alertness throughout the day.

Evening types, on the other hand, are considerably more tired than morning types when they wake up—but not as tired as afternoon types. »

Navy SEAL's Amazing Survival: 'God, Get Me Home'

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"This body armor took more rounds than it was supposed to," explained Day, who is now retired.

Being the first one to enter a 12x12 room where four al Qaeda leaders waited to strike proved to be almost deadly for Day.

When the gunfight was over, Mike Day took out all four terrorists in the room, but not before being shot 27 times and hit with grenade shrapnel. »