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Sunday June 9th, 2019 evening edition

image for Are You a Morning Person, Night Person, or Neither?

If you never felt you quite fit into the "morning person" or "evening person" mold, you may have been on to something.

New research published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences identifies two new personality types to describe people's level of alertness throughout the day.

The researchers call them the "napper" and "afternoon" chronotypes.

To come to this conclusion, a team of sleep experts from Russia and Belgium asked 1,305 people to take part in a short online survey.

Here's what the researchers found: First, they replicated the familiar "morning" and "evening" personality types.

Evening types, on the other hand, are considerably more tired than morning types when they wake up—but not as tired as afternoon types.

The authors conclude, "Evidence is gradually accumulating in favor of distinguishing at least four rather than two distinct chronotypes. »

"Game Of Thrones" Fans Have Raised More Than $130K For Emilia Clarke's Brain Injury Charity

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Clarke, who played Daenerys Targaryen, founded the brain injury rehabilitation charity after having two life-threatening aneurysms while filming Game of Thrones.

After learning of the fundraiser on May 30, Clarke made an Instagram post thanking fans for raising — at the time — £38,000 for her charity.

The incredible support of Elle Ellaria, @reddit’s r/FreeFolk and Emilia’s fans worldwide means their campaign has raised over £100,000 for SameYou. »

Navy SEAL's Amazing Survival: 'God, Get Me Home'

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"This body armor took more rounds than it was supposed to," explained Day, who is now retired.

Being the first one to enter a 12x12 room where four al Qaeda leaders waited to strike proved to be almost deadly for Day.

When the gunfight was over, Mike Day took out all four terrorists in the room, but not before being shot 27 times and hit with grenade shrapnel. »

Only one movie in history has been both an unmitigated disaster and a runaway smash

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Sometimes, the movie becomes a runaway smash that shocks everyone, an Apocalypse Now or Titanic.

But there’s only one movie in history that’s managed to be both an unmitigated disaster and a runaway smash, and that’s Cleopatra.

The movie cost about $44 million to make—more than $350 million today—with some people estimating that it might’ve gone as high as $60 million. »

Jose Mourinho ready for talks over becoming next Newcastle United manager

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Jose Mourinho is ready to talk to Newcastle’s potential new owner if multi-billionaire Sheikh Khaled bin Zayed Al Nehayan comes calling.

One of them is former Chelsea, Manchester United and Real Madrid boss Mourinho , who is aware of the interest and has told friends the Newcastle job is one that he would consider seriously.

He has been out of work since being sacked by Man United in December during his third season in charge. »