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Wednesday June 5th, 2019 day edition

image for Trump supporter stabs giant Trump baby blimp — and cuts herself in the process

Attention: The Trump Baby blimp has been stabbed.

Yes, the supersized Trump balloon that's been following the president around during his visit London was attacked on Tuesday by knife-wielding Trump supporter.

The highly-publicized floating orange babys was reportedly stabbed by far-right troll Amy Dalla Mura who calls herself "Based Amy.".

She captured the incident on camera herself, and she also managed to slice herself in the process.

After the stabbing, Mura can be heard yelling at anti-Trump protesters, "The president of the United States is the best president ever, shame on you!"

As she strolls away, she brags to onlookers that, "I think Donald Trump's balloon is not very well.".

A moment later she can be seen holding up her own blood-covered hand, exclaiming, "I'm bleeding quite badly, though.". »

Tiananmen Square Massacre: China Says U.S. Is Violating International Law by Honoring 30th Anniversary

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China has hit out at the U.S. after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued a statement commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre.

In the years since, the Chinese government has censored all mention or public acknowledgement of the event so as to avoid a repeat.

Thousands of online posts have been scrubbed in the lead up to the 30th anniversary of the massacre, which remains one of the darkest incidents in the country's modern history. »

Path of Exile: Legion Patch Notes

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Bug Fixes The Legion Challenge League Challenge leagues are a great opportunity for a fresh start in a new economy.

Reworked 15 existing Unique Items, which will only drop from monsters in the Legion challenge leagues.

(previously stated it was 500% at all levels) We really hope you enjoy Path of Exile: Legion. »

Mozilla Firefox now blocks websites and advertisers from tracking you

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After more than a year ratcheting up its privacy protections, Firefox now blocks website cookies that can let advertisers and publishers track you across the web.

Mozilla is blocking those third-party cookies under a Firefox feature called enhanced tracking protection it announced in 2018.

Mozilla started letting people block tracking in 2017, but it isn't the first to enable the feature by default. »

Costa Rica Doubled Its Forest Cover In Just 30 Years!

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Then there’s also what they plan to do, which is absolutely incredible – they are set to be carbon-free and plastic-free by 2021.

After decades of deforestation, Costa Rica has reforested to the point that half of the country’s land surface is covered with trees again.

That forest cover is able to absorb a huge amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, combating climate change for us all. »