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Sunday June 2nd, 2019 evening edition

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The Pentagon has told the White House to stop politicizing the military, amid a furor over a Trump administration order to have the Navy ship named for the late U.S. Sen. John McCain hidden from view during President Donald Trump's recent visit to Japan.

Trump's top aide scoffed at the idea that anyone working for the White House might be punished.

Shanahan confirmed details about a Navy email that said the White House military office wanted the USS John McCain kept "out of sight" when Trump was in Japan about a week ago.

Trump's acting chief of staff, in appearances on two Sunday news shows in the U.S., said he did not expect anyone working for the White House to face discipline.

According to Shanahan spokesman Lt. Col. Joseph Buccino, Shanahan told his chief of staff on Friday to speak with the White House military office "and reaffirm his mandate that the department of defense will not be politicized."

Asked directly if members of his senior staff were aware of the White House request before the president's visit, Shanahan said he's been told they did not know.

The warship , commissioned in 1994, was originally named for the senator's father and grandfather, both Navy admirals named John Sidney McCain. »

Climate Undermined by Lobbying

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However, say Meng and Rode, the political process that leads to climate change regulation can be a barrier to its own legislation.

This is the first study to quantify the effects of lobbying in altering the likelihood of enacting climate policy.

If such free permits are better targeted towards oppositional firms, they may in turn reduce political opposition against the policy. »

Huawei has reportedly stopped its smartphone production after US blacklist amid trade war

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Huawei is reportedly stopping its smartphone production to "reassess" its target to become the world's top smartphone vendor by the end of 2020.

The company previously revved up efforts to become the world's largest smartphone vendor in response to President Donald Trump's administration adding the company to a trade blacklist.

Huawei has stopped smartphone production after previously announcing its target to become the world's top smartphone vendor by next year, according to a report from the South China Morning Post. »

How Stephen King’s Childhood Inspired Stand by Me

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“There’s a lot of stuff in ‘The Body’ that’s just simply history that’s been tarted up a little bit,” said King.

“For 10 years, my family lived a virtual barter existence, practically never seeing any hard cash,” King recalled.

“According to Mom, I. had gone off to play at a neighbor’s house — a house that was near a. railroad line. »

Police: Former councilman, 90, arrested after driving through crowd at Dover pride parade

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A 90-year-old man and former city councilman was arrested Saturday after police say he struck a man with his vehicle during a gay pride parade in Dover, Delaware.

Around 8:15 a.m., Salters was driving a red Ford Ranger when he allegedly approached West and Forest streets, which had been barricaded for the Pride Festival Parade.

Salters, a former councilmember for the city of Dover, was released pending a future court date. »