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Wednesday April 17th, 2019 day edition

image for This art historian used lasers to digitally map the structure of the Notre Dame. Now he could help save it

Although parts of Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral now lie in ruins, people can still experience what most of its nooks and crannies looked like in remarkable detail -- thanks to an American art historian.

Andrew Tallon , a professor of art at Vassar College, used lasers to painstakingly scan the cathedral in 2015, giving us a nearly perfect digital replica of the Gothic structure.

And his work could help architects and engineers rebuild it after Monday's fire.

Tallon studied Gothic architecture and sought to understand how medieval builders erected some of Europe's great cathedrals.

So he created a spatial map of Notre Dame using more than a billion laser-measured points.

The Notre Dame Cathedral has been repeatedly modified over almost seven centuries, making the architectural history of the building difficult to follow.

The data can show "how the building is constructed ... and you can see every corner, every detail digitally," Krusche added. »

White supremacist gets life for running down black man

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A white supremacist who ran down and killed a young black man in Oregon two years ago was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison without the possibility of parole for 28 years.

Prosecutors argued Courtier was motivated by his white supremacist beliefs — saying he was a member of the European Kindred white supremacist prison gang and was wearing the gang's logo on his baseball cap and had its tattoo on his leg when he encountered Bruce.

Hannon called Courtier violent and "unapologetic" for his white supremacist views. »

Uber launched a Saudi Arabia-only feature that lets female drivers avoid taking male passengers

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Uber developed the feature when they found 74% of Saudi female drivers did not want to pick up male passengers.

Uber has launched a new feature for female drivers in Saudi Arabia which lets them block male passengers from hailing their ride.

The new "Women Preferred View" feature came into force in April, after a 2018 Uber survey in Saudi Arabia found 74% of female drivers wouldn't take male passengers. »