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Wednesday April 3rd, 2019 evening edition

image for Three cases of measles at crèche in The Hague, children not vaccinated

The children involved had not been vaccinated and one of them may have caught the disease when on holiday, the broadcaster said.

One of the children is over the age of 14 months, when it should have been vaccinated against the disease, but the others are younger.

The children in The Hague bring the total measles cases in the Netherlands to 12 so far this year, compared with an average annual infection rate of 10 to 20.

The disease is particularly dangerous for pregnant women and very small children.

At the moment 90.2% of Dutch children are vaccinated against potentially serious illnesses such as measles, polio and whooping cough.

Vaccine uptake has been declining, prompting a government information campaign while daycare centres have been demanding the right to refuse children who have not been vaccinated.

In total, 2,600 people were diagnosed with measles and the outbreak was concentrated in families with young children who had not been vaccinated for religious reasons. »

66 million-year-old deathbed linked to dinosaur-killing meteor

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The rain of glass was so heavy it may have set fire to much of the vegetation on land.

The impact at the end of the Cretaceous Period, the so-called K-T boundary, exterminated 75 percent of life on Earth.

That impact created a huge crater, called Chicxulub, in the ocean floor and sent vaporized rock and cubic miles of asteroid dust into the atmosphere. »

Trump Suddenly Having Second Thoughts About People Seeing the Mueller Report

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On Monday, he tweeted, “No matter what information is given to the crazed Democrats from the No Collusion Mueller Report, it will never be good enough.”

Later, speaking to reporters, President Let the People See It described calls to release the full report as “somewhat of a waste of time” and “a disgrace.”

Prices will keep rising if Trump makes good on his threat, said Roland Fumasi, vice president and senior analyst at Rabobank. »

Chicago just elected a black, openly LGBTQ woman as mayor

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Chicago just became the largest United States city to elect a black woman and openly gay person as mayor in a history-making vote.

Polls showed Lightfoot, who has never held elected office, with a significant lead over Preckwinkle in the days leading up to voting.

Lightfoot, 56, has held appointed positions related to police oversight and accountability in Chicago under Mayor Emanuel and former Mayor Richard Daley. »