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Tuesday March 26th, 2019 night edition

image for Dr. Dre Deletes Post About Daughter Being Accepted Into USC – Variety

Dr. Dre’s attempt to throw shade on the recent celebrity college admissions scandals backfired after he apparently belatedly realized that he’d donated $70 million to the college his daughter, Truly, is attending.

On Saturday Dre posted a photo with the caption, “My daughter got accepted into USC all on her own.

Making matters worse, on Monday TMZ excavated a post from Truly that seems to suggest she actually didn’t want to attend USC, saying that her father was pushing her to attend the school.

None of this indicates that Truly was not accepted to USC entirely on her own merits, or that Dre’s contribution was not completely above board.

However, anyone with a teenaged daughter will understand the doghouse Dre is presumably in at the moment.

A second suit, filed on behalf of two Stanford students, claims their degree has been devalued due to the school’s association with the scandal. »

‘Heartbreaking’: Sandy Hook Father Dies in Apparent Suicide

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The father of a first-grade girl who was killed in the Sandy Hook school shootings died in an apparent suicide Monday morning, Newtown Police confirmed.

In a later statement, Bahamonde said that some of the officers called to Monday’s scene also responded to the Sandy Hook shooting.

On Saturday night, a second unnamed student survivor also died in an apparent suicide, the Coral Springs Police Department confirmed. »

Attractive businesswomen viewed as less trustworthy 'femmes fatales'

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Rather, the effect taps into more primal feelings of sexual insecurity, jealousy and fear among both men and women.

Those primed to feel sexually secure ended up thinking attractive women were as truthful as less attractive women.

As with the fifth study, the sexually secure participants found both attractive and less attractive women were equally truthful. »

Apple announces Apple Card credit card

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At Apple’s “show time” services event today, it announced a new Apple Card credit card, promising to improve things about the credit card experience with simpler applications, no fees, lower interest rates, and better rewards.

To get an Apple Card, users will be able to sign up on their iPhone in the Apple Wallet app and get a digital card that they can use anywhere Apple Pay is accepted “within minutes.”

Apple is offering 2 percent cash back on purchases made through Apple Pay using an Apple Card, and purchases from Apple will get 3 percent cash back. »