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Wednesday March 13rd, 2019 day edition

image for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is better-known by Americans than the highest-ranking House Republican and some of Trump's most important cabinet members

After just over two months in office, Ocasio-Cortez is more than 15 times as well-known as the longest-serving congressional Republican, Rep. Don Young.

Nearly 53% of Americans said they're familiar with the 29-year-old democratic socialist — more than twice the number who are familiar with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the top-ranking House Republican.

Meanwhile, the Bronx native is better known than four of the most powerful cabinet secretaries.

Read more: More than a third of millennials share Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's worry about having kids while the threat of climate change looms.

And a January Morning Consult/Politico survey found that Ocasio-Cortez was better known than several likely 2020 presidential candidates, including Sens.

In order to get a sense of Ocasio-Cortez's relative popularity, INSIDER asked Americans whether they had heard of a handful of high-ranking politicians and cabinet members.

Total 1,082 respondents collected March 10, 2019, a margin of error plus or minus 3.12 percentage points with a 95% confidence level. »

Theresa May's Brexit deal suffers second crushing defeat in UK Parliament

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The U.K.'s Brexit deal with the EU has been rejected by U.K. lawmakers in another landmark defeat for British Prime Minister Theresa May.

But her agreement was rejected by 149 votes after 242 MPs voted for the deal and 391 MPs voted against it.

This was a smaller defeat than when it was rejected the first time, but the margin still remained significant. »

Japanese student sues over school's order to dye hair black

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A teenager in Japan has taken local authorities to court after her school told her to dye her hair black or face exclusion.

Her mother told teachers before she started attending Kaifukan high school that her daughter had been born with naturally brown hair and so was not breaking a school rule requiring all students to have black hair.

He did not say whether dyeing brown hair black was a breach of that rule. »

Disgraced priest from N.J. who was ‘credibly accused’ of sexual misconduct found shot to death in Nevada

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UPDATE: ‘It’s karma,’ says alleged victim of former N.J. priest found shot to death in Nevada.

A former New Jersey priest and teacher who was accused of groping young boys was found shot to death in his Nevada home over the weekend, authorities said.

New Jersey’s five Catholic dioceses released the names while under mounting pressure to identify clergy accused of sexual misconduct. »

Dr. Donald Hopkins helped wipe smallpox from the planet. He won’t rest until he’s done the same for Guinea worm disease.

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Hopkins, a physician who has dedicated 37 years to fighting Guinea worm disease, was frustrated as he witnessed Rafia’s anguish that day.

In 2016 the three countries that still harbored Guinea worm disease—which has no vaccine and no modern medical treatment—reported just 25 cases.

Eradicating Guinea worm disease means driving the species to extinction; Guinea worm disease cannot survive without its hosts. »