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Tuesday December 4th, 2018 evening edition

image for “What is the FCC hiding?” Pai still won’t release net neutrality server logs

The Times' FoIA request was for server logs related to the system for accepting public comments on FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's repeal of net neutrality rules.

A similar request was made by Buzzfeed News, and the FCC rejected the requests from both news organizations in its order today.

Although the Times narrowed its records request to satisfy the FCC's privacy and security concerns, the FCC says it still won't provide any of the requested data.

Doing so, the agency asserts, would require more than a simple database search and require the FCC to "create records that do not already exist.".

Democrat Jessica Rosenworcel was the only FCC commissioner to dissent from the new ruling against the FoIA request.

It appears this agency is trying to prevent anyone from looking too closely at the mess it made of net neutrality.

Separately, Pai's FCC has failed to fulfill an Ars request for records related to the FCC's measurement of in-home broadband speeds. »

Tim Cook to white supremacists: ‘You have no place on our platforms’

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Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed white supremacists and “dangerous conspiracy theorists” today, reiterating that hateful content will not have a home on Apple platforms.

We only have one message for those who seek to push hate, division, or violence: You have no place on our platforms.

From the earliest days of iTunes to Apple Music today we have always prohibited music with a history of white supremacy. »

Alabama mall-shooting victim killed by police was struck from behind, independent autopsy shows

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The man killed by police responding to a shooting at an Alabama mall on Thanksgiving night was shot three times from behind, an attorney for his family said Monday.

Lawyer Benjamin Crump released the findings of an independent autopsy at a news conference in Birmingham, Alabama, that indicate Emantic “E.J.” Fitzgerald Bradford Jr. was shot in the head, neck and back.

Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr., in his father's home near Birmingham, Alabama, in his senior year of high school. »

Woman says she was paid to collect absentee ballots in North Carolina House race

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An absentee ballot witness said Monday that a Bladen County, N.C., electioneer paid her to collect absentee ballots from last month's midterm elections.

Eason added that she didn't see who people were voting for, but that she never mailed the ballots.

Officials have also been probing uncommonly high numbers of absentee ballots submitted in Bladen County. »

Legal Experts Say Trump Just Committed Witness Tampering on Twitter

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On Monday morning, the president took to Twitter to praise Roger Stone, his longtime political adviser and associate, for refusing to speak to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team.

On Sunday’s This Week on ABC, Stone vowed not to testify against the president.

Neal Katyal, who served as acting solicitor general under President Barack Obama, piled on, as did lawyer and ethics expert Norm Eisen. »