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Wednesday October 24th, 2018 day edition

image for Brian Kemp owes more than $800,000 in insider loans to bank he helped start

But, our FOX 5 I-Team has found some of Brian Kemp's companies’ debt is with a bank he helped start and now sits on the board of directors.

And Brian Kemp is in a bitter lawsuit in which a company claims he promised to guarantee a $500,000 debt.

But, we decided to examine some two million dollars’ worth of insider loans Kemp's companies borrowed from a bank he helped start.

Ganduri says bank loans to insiders, like Kemp, are governed by Federal Reserve laws.

Our anchorman, Russ Spencer, sat down to talk with Brian Kemp to talk about the campaign and he asked him about those insider loans.

“Those loans are backed, there are auditors who audit the bank, just like other members of the board of directors with that bank.

So, we don't know the details about Brian Kemp's companies’ insider loans. »

White nationalist Richard Spencer accused of physical abuse by wife

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The wife of the white nationalist Richard Spencer has accused him of emotional and physical abuse, including choking her, dragging her by her hair and attempting to punch her while she was pregnant, according to divorce filings in the Flathead county district court in Montana.

the white nationalist leader would sometimes tell her when he was angry, she claimed in the divorce filings.

In the divorce filings, his wife argued that Spencer’s abusive behavior, drinking and white nationalist political activism put their children at risk. »

Parents shocked to learn examiner kept son's brain

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"They saw this jar with a brain in it labeled Jesse Shipley," recalls Korisha Shipley, whose daughter Shannon came home in tears that day delivering the news.

They were looking at his brain, and his brain was looking right back at them," the father adds.

The couple are now suing the city for the emotional distress caused by the handling of their son's remains. »

Want to earn $300,000 tax free? Try flying a plane in China

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"There's not enough pilots in the world to fill the demand," said Dave Ross, the CEO of Wasinc International, a firm that finds pilots for Chinese airlines.

China will need between 4,000 and 5,000 new airline pilots every year for the next two decades, analysts estimate.

Despite the head-turning sums, Chinese airlines are still struggling to find enough foreign pilots to match their shiny new jet fleets. »