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Wednesday October 24th, 2018 morning edition

image for Nova Cannabis makes $1.3 million from Alberta stores in first five days of legalization

EDMONTON–Alberta’s Nova Cannabis stores pulled in about $260,000 apiece after the first five days of legalization.

Nova Cannabis CEO James Burns is handed a customer's order from the vault in a Calgary store.

According to a press release, its five stores raked in a combined revenue of approximately $1.3 million from Wednesday morning through Sunday evening.

The stores processed about 17,000 transactions, and the average dollar amount of each transaction was two to three times that of an average purchase at Liquor Depot.

Alcanna is Canada’s biggest private-sector alcohol retailer, with 228 liquor stores in Alberta, B.C. and Alaska that bring in over $600 million a year.

The company opened its first five Nova Cannabis stores in Alberta on Oct. 17.

Kevin Maimann is an Edmonton-based reporter covering education and marijuana legalization. »

Exclusive: In Leaked Audio, Brian Kemp Expresses Concern Over Georgians Exercising Their Right to Vote

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Kemp then asserted that much of that Abrams effort is focused on absentee ballot requests.

The idea that he, as Secretary of State, would be ‘concerned’ that hardworking Georgians are exercising their right to vote is disgraceful and outrageous.”.

“Brian Kemp should resign immediately so that Georgians can be sure the election will be administered in an impartial and competent manner,” she said. »

Donald Trump touts nonexistent $450 billion in Saudi orders and 1 million jobs

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Saudi Arabia has ordered $450 billion, "$110 billion of which is a military order," producing "over a million jobs.".

Trump said that Saudi Arabia has ordered $450 billion from U.S. companies, including $110 billion in military contracts, representing over a million jobs.

More importantly, if the $450 billion in orders is a mirage, the 1 million jobs is equally without substance. »

Judge Upholds Verdict That Found Monsanto’s Roundup Caused a Man’s Cancer

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As a reminder, in August, a San Francisco Jury awarded $289 million in damages to a former school groundskeeper, Dewayne Johnson, who said Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller gave him terminal cancer.

The award consists of $40 million in compensatory damages and $250 million in punitive damages.

As Bloomberg reports, a California state judge rejected Bayer’s arguments that the jury didn’t have any basis to conclude that the herbicide caused an ex-school groundskeeper’s cancer. »

Want to earn $300,000 tax free? Try flying a plane in China

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"There's not enough pilots in the world to fill the demand," said Dave Ross, the CEO of Wasinc International, a firm that finds pilots for Chinese airlines.

China will need between 4,000 and 5,000 new airline pilots every year for the next two decades, analysts estimate.

Despite the head-turning sums, Chinese airlines are still struggling to find enough foreign pilots to match their shiny new jet fleets. »