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Friday October 19th, 2018 night edition

image for Police officers in the US were charged with more than 400 rapes over a 9-year period

According to research from Bowling Green State University , police officers in the US were charged with forcible rape 405 times between 2005 and 2013.

The BGSU researchers compiled their list by documenting cases of sworn nonfederal law enforcement officers who have been arrested.

But the 2016 federally funded paper, " Police Integrity Lost: A Study of Law Enforcement Officers Arrested ," says the problem isn't limited to sexual assault.

"There are no comprehensive statistics available on problems with police integrity," the report says, and no government entity collects data on police who are arrested.

"I have to think it's a much worse problem than my data suggests," said Stinson, himself a former police officer.

JUST WATCHED Detectives charged with raping woman in van Replay More Videos ... MUST WATCH Detectives charged with raping woman in van 01:13.

"If a police officer is arrested for having fondled a DUI suspect in a jurisdiction, that affects all officers.". »

Bug-loving girl who was teased at school co-authors research paper

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An eight-year-old amateur entomologist who was teased for her unusual hobby has featured in a research paper after the scientific community took her under their wing.

After schoolmates mocked her “weird and strange” interest, “I really thought loving bugs wasn't the best hobby,” she told NPR.

Afraid that her daughter would be discouraged from pursuing her passion, Sophie’s mother, Nicole Spencer, reached out Entomological Society of Canada for support last year. »

107,000 purged from Georgia voter rolls for not voting in past elections: report

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Georgia officials removed an estimated 107,000 people from voter rolls because they decided not to vote in prior elections, according to a new report.

After that three-year span, those who don't vote or make contact with authorities in two elections can be purged from the voter rolls under the Georgia law.

Voter suppression has become a big issue in the Georgia governor's race, where Republican Brian Kemp is running against Democrat Stacy Abrams. »

Streaming Exclusives Will Drive Users Back To Piracy And The Industry Is Largely Oblivious

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Studies have suggested that every broadcaster on the planet will likely have their own streaming service by 2022.

But instead of going back to cable, back in March we noted how users are just as likely to consider piracy.

If history is any indication, it will take another year or two for the industry to identify and admit this exclusivity parade is driving users back to piracy. »

Bristol race relations adviser Tasered by police is targeted again

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A police force that shot its own race relations adviser with a stun gun in 2017 after mistaking him for a wanted man has once again confused him for the very same person.

We fully accept the man the officers spoke to wasn’t the man we’re trying to trace.”.

An Avon and Somerset officer was cleared on criminal charges relating to the 2017 incident, before also being cleared on professional charges. »