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Tuesday September 11st, 2018 evening edition

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Like simulations that were created with computer animation software, or looking to make them yourself?

Well you've come to the right place!

Post your favourite fluid, smoke, soft or rigid body simulations here.

Looking to make these simulations yourself?

Feel free to ask post here asking for advice, no matter how small your problem!

It's helpful if you know what sort of animation you'd like to make, and even better if you have a specific style you would like to emulate. »

Innovative study shows medical cannabis effective in treating a wide range of health conditions

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Utilizing new mobile application technology, researchers at The University of New Mexico found that medical cannabis provides immediate symptom relief across dozens of health symptoms with relatively minimal negative side effects.

“If the results found in our studies can be extrapolated to the general population, cannabis could systematically replace multi-billion dollar medication industries around the world.

Medical cannabis is rapidly gaining popularity with the largest expansions in use among older people and patients with significant health conditions. »

No, Hunters Did Not Open Fire on Australian Firefighters In Washington State

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An Australian Newspaper is reporting that hunters shot at two firefighters from down under while they were battling the Miriam Fire near White Pass (Washington), but law enforcement has debunked the claim.

“When the state patrol and our deputies arrived, they received more information from the firefighters, it was determined there were two males hunting in the area for bears,” he said.

“Both hunters were contacted and they stated they had been shooting at the bear, but they missed multiple times.”. »

'Ground-breaking' diabetes insulin drug trialled in Cardiff

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A "ground-breaking" drug that helps people with diabetes re-grow insulin-making cells has been developed.

About 19,000 people live with Type 1 of the condition in Wales and 90% have less than 5% of these cells left.

This means they have to inject insulin but it is hoped the new drug will mean patients may not have to in the future. »