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Thursday August 30th, 2018 morning edition

image for How Will Smith Changed His Entire Outlook on Life (and Why He’s Sorry for Wild Wild West)

"My grandmother found my book that was laced with all my poetic profanity," he said on the conference's main stage.

Please show the world that you're as smart as we think you are.'".

"She made me realize that I wasn't creating only for me," he said in the onstage interview with Edelman creative strategy chair Jackie Cooper.

"The things I created were going to have an effect on her and were going to have an effect on everyone who came into contact with my artistry.

Many years later, his grandmother's impact would be amplified by Smith's close friendship with Muhammad Ali, whom he portrayed in a 2001 biopic.

The power is now in the hands of the audience, in the hands of the fans.

The only choice I have is to be in tune with their needs, not try to trick them into going to see Wild Wild West. »

California becomes second US state to commit to clean energy

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California is following in Hawaii's footsteps by committing to 100 percent clean energy.

As the US' most populous state, just over a third of energy in California comes from wind, solar or geothermal power, CBS said citing the US Energy Information Administration.

Hawaii was the first state in the US to take this step, committing to 100 percent clean energy in 2017. »

Drinking water to be shut off at all Detroit public schools

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The Associated Press reported in 2016 that elevated copper or lead levels had been found at 19 DPSCD schools.

The 2016 testing came as a response to the Flint water crisis, in which more than 100,000 residents were exposed to lead-tainted water.

The city of Detroit also plans to work with charter schools on similar water testing, which it can encourage but not mandate, city spokesman John Roach told Crain's. »