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Thursday August 23rd, 2018 night edition

image for Lyft will offer discounted rides to voters during midterm elections

Ride-hailing service Lyft said Thursday that it wants to help tackle the problem by offering half-priced rides across the country during this year's midterm elections.

Riders can enter location-based codes into the Lyft app to access the discounted rides.

Lyft will also offer free rides to people from underserved communities, who are more likely to report transportation barriers.

Over the past few years, Lyft has worked to cast itself as the "good guy" by participating in similar social good efforts.

In June, it began offering cancer patients in major US cities free rides to and from treatment.

In May, Lyft expanded its Relief Rides program, which gives people free trips during natural disasters or crises.

It pledged $1.5 million over the next year to offer free rides to low-income people and veterans who need transportation to things like job interviews and doctor appointments. »

Major prison strike spreads across US and Canada as inmates refuse food

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Prison reform advocacy groups liaising with strike organisers said Wednesday that protests had been confirmed in three states, with further unconfirmed reports emerging from Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.

The confirmed cases related to a hunger strike in Folsom state prison in California.

A 26-year-old inmate called Heriberto Garcia managed to dispatch to the outside world a smartphone recording of himself refusing food. »

'Flesh-eating' STD reported in UK for first time

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SOUTHPORT, UK (KRON) - A rare sexually transmitted disease that causes flesh-eating ulcers on the infected person's genitalia has been in reported in England, according to the Lancashire Post.

According to the Institute for Sexual Health, just a few dozen cases of donovanosis happen annually in the UK.

According to the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH), there have been no prior cases reported in the UK. »

Kroger to ban plastic checkout bags by 2025. CEO Rodney McMullen says 'The plastic shopping bag's days are numbered.'

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America's largest supermarket chain said it will transition from single-use to reusable bags and ultimately eliminate 123 million pounds of garbage annually sent to landfills.

Kroger said it is also looking to cut back or phase out plastic bags for produce and meat, but it's focusing on eliminating checkout bags for now.

Kroger's QFC chain in the Pacific Northwest will be the first division to implement a nation-wide ban of plastic checkout bags by the supermarket chain by 2025. »

Europe to ban halogen lightbulbs

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After nearly 60 years of brightening our homes and streets, halogen lightbulbs will finally be banned across Europe on 1 September.

Remaining stocks may still be sold, and capsules, linear and low voltage incandescents used in oven lights will be exempted.

But a continent-wide switchover to light-emitting diodes (LEDs) is underway that will slash emissions and energy bills, according to industry, campaigners and experts. »