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Wednesday July 25th, 2018 night edition

image for Underground Lake of Liquid Water Detected on Mars

The findings, if confirmed by future observations, would be the most significant discovery of liquid water on Mars to date.

Water was not only present on Mars in the past but is still flowing in some capacity today.

What's more, tantalizing clues have continued to imply the existence of liquid water on Mars today.

This new discovery of a subterranean water deposit, outlined in a new paper in Science, suggests water is indeed underneath the red sands of Mars.

Since then, MARSIS has been studying Mars with radar signals to learn more about the planet's interior structure and composition.

The strong radar echoes in 2007 wound up being the result of a layer of icy carbon dioxide on the surface of Mars rather than liquid water beneath.

"CO 2 ice is very transparent and is able to let the radar pulse penetrate into the ice much better than pure water ice," Orosei says, which is why it mimicked the signal one would expect from underground liquid water. »

Co-founder of feminist protest group Femen found dead in apartment

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A co-founder of the international feminist group Femen was found dead Monday in her Paris apartment, according to The Guardian.

Another Femen founder, Anna Gutsol, reportedly said the activist group was awaiting “the official version” of her death from police.

The Guardian notes that Shachko was a founding member of Femen, a feminist activist group launched in Ukraine in 2008. »

Mars may have a lake of liquid water

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Orosei and colleagues spotted the lake by combining more than three years of observations from the European Space Agency’s orbiting Mars Express spacecraft.

Radar runs Repeated passes by ice-penetrating radar beamed down from the Mars Express orbiter reveal a hidden lake on Mars.

The pool could also be more mud than water, but that could still be a habitable environment, Horgan says. »

Most Australians' wages have declined but CEO pay is better than ever

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Workers in private sector, who are 85% of the workforce, are experiencing wages growth well below inflation.

Despite chief executives having bumper pay increases last year, the majority of Australian workers have seen their wages decline.

Workers in the private sector, who account for roughly 85% of the workforce, are experiencing wages growth of just 1.9%, which is well below inflation. »

In Firing James Gunn, Disney Hurts All of Hollywood

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As I have discussed publicly many times, as I've developed as a person, so has my work and my humor.”.

I want the voices that carry — and many of those voices didn’t always say things we want to hear.

Marc Bernardin is a former Hollywood Reporter editor and a comic book and television writer whose credits include Hulu's Castle Rock. »