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Wednesday July 25th, 2018 evening edition

image for Georgia lawmaker who came under fire after yelling 'n-word' on 'Who Is America?' says he'll quit

(CNN) Jason Spencer, a Georgia state lawmaker who dropped his trousers and repeatedly used the "n-word" on an episode of the Showtime series "Who Is America?"

His resignation will take effect on July 31, according to a letter he submitted to Georgia House Speaker David Ralston.

Spencer told Cohen's character, "I don't call it a burqa ban, I call it an anti-masking statute.".

Ralston called Spencer's actions and language "reprehensible" in a statement provided to CNN, and called for him to resign, saying: "Georgia is better than this.".

"I deeply regret the language I used at (Cohen's) request as well as my participation in the 'class' in general.

I have been inform elected official & all-round mensch I meet, Jason Spencer, have somehow been portray in bad light by Showtime.

He has served four terms and is still in office, but was defeated by political newcomer Steven Sainz in the Republican primary in May. »

The Key to Avoiding Weight Gain as You Get Older Probably Isn't What You Think

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But as it turns out, our metabolism isn't the real culprit when it comes to the weight that seems to creep on with each passing decade.

In fact, age-related weight gain has far more to do with our activity patterns than it does with our metabolism, which barely budges after age 30, according to the National Institutes of Health.

In fact, new research published this spring suggests that to achieve better health and reduce your risk of death from any cause, any kind of movement is better than little or none. »

Morto Sergio Marchionne, l'uomo che ha rivoluzionato la Fiat

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Gli studi Marchionne era nato a Chieti, Abruzzo, nel 1952.

Descrisse così nel 2011 i suoi inizi, riportati da una brillante biografia del giornalista Giorgio Dell’Arti: «Quando ho iniziato l’università, in Canada, ho scelto filosofia.

I primi 60 giorni in Fiat Marchionne si mise a lavorare sodo sin da subito, anche nei weekend in una Mirafiori spesso deserta. »

Dolphins 'call each other by name'

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Research has revealed that the marine mammals use a unique whistle to identify each other.

A team from the University of St Andrews in Scotland found that when the animals hear their own call played back to them, they respond.

"These animals live in an environment where they need a very efficient system to stay in touch.". »


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UNBGBBIIVCHIDCTIICBG: "Upvoted Not Because Girl, But Because It Is Very Cool; However, I Do Concede That I Initially Clicked Because Girl".

The "it" refers to the gif, video, or pic--not necessarily the girl.

You can refer to the sub more simply as r/UNBG, and clicking that will bring you here. »