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Thursday July 12nd, 2018 night edition

image for Arizona Ballot Initiative Requires 50% Renewable Energy By 2030

480,464 citizens of Arizona have signed a state initiative to create a state constitutional amendment that would require 50% of electricity to come from renewable sources by 2030.

Come voting day, a simple 50% majority of voters is all that is needed to pass the initiative.

Accordingly to the initiative, here are the qualifying renewable energy sources:.

Arizona Public Service Company (APS) owns a large nuclear plant and it is complaining about this aspect of the mandate.

Currently, Arizona Public Service Company, the state’s largest utility, generates 12% of its electricity from renewables.

In addition to the renewable energy targets, the initiative also mandates a certain amount most come from distributed renewable sources such as rooftop solar.

I encourage you to find out about efforts in your state to pass referendums on renewable energy and environmental issues. »

FCC Retracts a Plan to Discourage Consumer Complaints

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The FCC offers two ways for people to complain about billing problems, privacy concerns, and other issues with telecom carriers.

The FCC highlighted the lack of formal complaints about net neutrality in support of its decision to roll back the rules, but did not address the informal complaints.

Critics of the change worried that unless the agency’s rules explicitly allow for review and action on complaints, the FCC wouldn't have the authority or obligation to do so. »

This sun-chasing robot looks after the plant on its head

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This sun-chasing robot looks after the plant on its head Good robot.

The resulting plant-robot hybrid looks like a leafy crab or a robot Bulbasaur.

Imagine robot planters the size of small bears, lumbering slowly around gardens and parks, looking for a place to sun themselves. »

Happy Birthday to Mr. Rogers’ King Friday the 13th!

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The honorable King Friday XIII, ruler of Calendarland in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, is the birthday boy not only today, but every Friday the 13th!

King Friday paid us a visit during our 1999 interview with Mr. Rogers and we learned how the King got his name:.

Tags: "Mister Rogers Neighborhood", Fred Rogers, King Friday the 13th, King Friday XIII, puppets. »

Trump’s Space Force Will Guard the U.S. From Above, NASA Chief Says

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NASA’s administrator is a strong defender of President Donald Trump’s proposals for space -- including an armed force and a permanent presence on the moon -- and says he wants Americans to realize how much their well-being depends on what happens far above Earth.

Bridenstine was in his third term representing a congressional district in Oklahoma when Trump nominated him to lead the $21 billion space agency.

Last summer, when he was still in Congress, Bridenstine supported a measure that would have created a “space corps.” »