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Sunday July 8th, 2018 morning edition

image for Trump reportedly treats Putin like a 'confidant' and the 2 men commiserate about how the 'fake news' and 'deep state' are against them

President Donald Trump reportedly treats Russian President Vladimir Putin as a confidant while bullying and ignoring other world leaders.

Trump consults Putin on international policy and the two commiserate over American forces they believe to be acting against them, according to The Washington Post.

"The president thinks he can be friends with Putin," former national security adviser H.R. McMaster said, according to US officials cited by the Post.

Putin, meanwhile, appears to be playing to Trump's likes and dislikes, often showering the US president with praise and flattery.

The Post reported that the Russian leader also often strikes a chord with Trump by focusing on some of his key grievances.

"It's not us," Putin reportedly told Trump.

and the third time Trump and Putin will meet since Trump took office last year. »

The night a river of whiskey ran through the streets of Dublin

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The previous Friday, William met his neighbour John McGrane at the corner of Bow Street in Dublin’s north inner city.

As the flames reached the wooden casks holding the liquor, they burst open, sending a burning river of whiskey flowing through the streets.

None of the deceased perished in the flames, nor did they die of smoke inhalation - each succumbed to alcohol poisoning from drinking “freely of the derelict whiskey”. »

Netflix Has a Page Where You Can Request TV Shows and Movies

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Netflix is notorious among its 125 million reported users for consistently updating its library of movies and television shows.

Netflix's website has a special page dubbed "Title Request" where users can give up to three suggestions at once for a movie or show they want the service to add.

The company account responded with, "You know the drill" and posted a link to the title request page. »

Game of Thrones Filming Ends—Forever!

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Though the Game of Thrones wrap party took place last Sunday, production didn’t stop.

According to our sources, the last day of filming was yesterday.

Before bidding the show a final farewell, let’s catch up with the last week of filming, as well as Maisie Williams‘s heartbreaking (and a bit ominous) goodbye on social media. »