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Wednesday May 30th, 2018 day edition

image for 15 behind-the-scenes secrets from the 'Harry Potter' movies all true fans should know

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint in "Harry Potter" Warner Bros. Pictures.

While the cast of "Harry Potter" maintains a near-perfect facade, there are instances of drama and plenty of secrets that happened behind the scenes.

Helena Bonham Carter both accidentally injured Mathew Lewis and had a feud with co-star Emma Thompson.

While filming, Alan Rickman had a BMW he would not let anyone touch.

Harry Potter was almost green-eyed and Hermione was almost buck-toothed—the cast was also almost all American.

From what we saw, everyone on set, cast and crew alike, got along.

With that said, here are the 15 Secrets You Didn't Know Behind The Making Of "Harry Potter. »

Impaired energy production may explain why the brain is susceptible to age-related diseases

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By studying neurons generated directly from skin cells, Salk researchers showed the impact of aged mitochondria on brain cells.

LA JOLLA—Defective energy production in old neurons might explain why our brains are so prone to age-related diseases.

Salk researchers used a new method to discover that cells from older individuals had impaired mitochondria—the power stations of cells—and reduced energy production. »

Breaking: Lordy, there are tapes...

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The tapes, according to Isakoff’s reporting, reveal numerous detailed conversations that, according to Spanish officials involved in providing them to U.S. investigators, likely implicate Donald Trump Jr. in more extensive coordination with Torshin than previously acknowledged.

According to Spanish authorities with knowledge of what was turned over to the FBI, “Donald Trump’s son should be extremely worried...”.

According to the Spanish authorities, no known request for the tapes has been made by Robert Mueller or his team, but Jose Grinda, a top Spanish prosecutor dealing with financial crimes did confirm that the tapes were handed over to the FBI “a couple of months ago”. »

Justin Trudeau joins long list of passionate environmentalists who own, operate oil pipelines

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OTTAWA – With today’s announcement that his government would be purchasing the Trans Mountain pipeline from Kinder Morgan, Prime Minister Trudeau has become just the latest committed climate change fighter to own and operate a massive oil pipeline.

“No one ever questioned why Al Gore bought the ESPO pipeline, and that is the longest crude oil pipeline in the world!”

But now supporters of the project have found their champion in Trudeau, one of the world’s great environmentalists according to several online listicles. »

This Guy Is Selling All His Facebook Data on eBay

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26-year old Londoner Oli Frost thinks so, which is why he put all of his Facebook data up for sale on eBay last weekend.

“I realized that I’d been selling my data for free for ages, and decided it was time to cash in.”.

His data was acquired using a Facebook tool that allows anyone to download a complete record of their Facebook activity. »