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Monday May 21st, 2018 evening edition

image for After tens of thousands of pre-orders, 3D audio headphones startup Ossic disappears

After taking tens of thousands of crowd-funding pre-orders for a high-end pair of “3D sound” headphones, audio startup Ossic announced this weekend that it is shutting down the company and backers will not be receiving refunds.

The company raised $2.7 million on Kickstarter and $3.2 million on Indiegogo for their Ossic X headphones which they pitched as a pair of high-end head-tracking headphones that would be perfect for listening to 3D audio, especially in a VR environment.

The team worked exceptionally hard and created a production-ready product that is a technological and performance breakthrough.

Through January 2017, the San Diego company had received more than 22,000 pre-orders for their Ossic X headphones.

This past January, Ossic announced that they had shipped out the first units to the 80 backers in their $999 developer tier headphones.

In the end, after tens of thousands of pre-orders, Ossic only built 250 pairs of headphones and only shipped a few dozen to Kickstarter backers.

A group of over 1,200 Facebook users have joined a recently-created page threatening a class action lawsuit against the team. »

Flatulence forces emergency landing

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An American Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing Monday morning after a passenger lit a match to disguise the scent of flatulence, authorities said.

The Dallas-bound flight was diverted to Nashville after several passengers reported smelling burning sulfur from the matches, said Lynne Lowrance, spokeswoman for the Nashville International Airport Authority.

All 99 passengers and five crew members were taken off and screened while the plane was searched and luggage was screened. »

Ernie Hudson talks Oz and losing out on the Ghostbusters cartoon

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You started doing this back when you played Cyborg on a later incarnation of Super Friends, correct?.

The cast on Oz is the best acting troupe I think I’ve ever had the good fortune of working with.

When Ernie Hudson did it in the movie…” And I’m like, “Well, wait a minute: I am Ernie Hudson!” »

Woman who threatened parent of Sandy Hook shooting victim sent to jail

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A Florida woman pleaded guilty and was sent to prison Wednesday for threatening a man whose six-year-old son was killed in the 2012 mass shooting at a Connecticut school, which she contended was a hoax.

Senior U.S. District Judge James Cohn sentenced Lucy Richards, 57, to five months in prison, followed by five months of home detention.

In fact, Richards’ public defender Robert Berube said he had gotten calls from around the United States from people who think Sandy Hook was a hoax. »

Pakistani girl who died in Texas shooting ‘wanted to experience American culture’

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A 17-year-old Pakistani girl was among the 10 killed in Texas after a gunman opened fired in a high school on Friday.

Sabika’s father, Abdul Aziz Sheikh said that he learnt about the shooting in Texas while flipping through TV channels.

Her host mother, Joleen Cogburn, recalled Sabika saying that she wanted to experience American culture and also wanted to introduce Pakistan’s culture among Americans. »