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Friday September 29th, 2017 day edition

image for Puerto Rico Rejects Loan Offers, Accusing Hedge Funds of Trying to Profit Off Hurricanes

Puerto Rico’s Fiscal Agency and Financial Advisory Authority suggested that profit motive rather than altruism was the bondholder group’s real goal.

He added that the loan could be a “win-win” for the utility and the bondholders, “where the capital is not expensive.”.

Hurricane Maria, and Irma before it, left Puerto Rico in shambles, particularly the electric utility.

The island’s 3.4 million residents were without power in the immediate aftermath of the storm, and most continue without power today.

Creditor groups should “refrain from making unsolicited financing offers at the expense of the people of Puerto Rico,” the fiscal agency said.

However, David Tepper, the hedge fund manager behind Appaloosa LP, did pledge $3 million for hurricane relief from his family charity and the hedge fund.

Whitebox Advisors – “We have a policy of not discussing Puerto Rico or any securities in which we are involved. »

Sen. Wyden Slams Pai on Senate Floor

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Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) took to the Senate floor Thursday morning (Sept. 28) to oppose renominating FCC chair Ajit Pai.

Wyden said his opposition was rooted in Pai's proposal to roll back Title II classification of ISPs and rethink net-neutrality rules.

Wyden said Pai had worked long and hard to undermine net neutrality, which he said was folks getting a "fair shake" online. »

‘It’ Tops $500 Million at Worldwide Box Office

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Horror blockbuster “It” has turned into a box office monster, crossing the $500 million milestone in worldwide grosses — making it officially the top horror film of all time.

“It” scored the biggest opening weekend ever for a horror film in more than 30 markets, including the U.K., Russia, Brazil, Mexico, and Australia.

In 17 of those territories, including the U.K., Russia, and Australia, “It” has already become the top-grossing horror film of all time. »

Louisiana high school will kick students off team if they don’t stand for national anthem

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A high school in northwest Louisiana will punish students with suspensions or removal from sports teams if they demonstrate during the national anthem.

“Parkway High School requires student athletes to stand in a respectful manner throughout the National Anthem during any sporting event in which their team is participating,” he wrote.

Will kick off any players who don’t stand during the National Anthem. — Shaun King (@ShaunKing) September 28, 2017. »

'Cancer patient' finds lump was toy traffic cone inhaled in 1977

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A toy traffic cone has been found in the lung of a man 40 years after he inhaled it.

He was referred to a respiratory clinic after complaining of coughing up yellow mucus and feeling unwell for over a year.

Medics initially thought the patient, who had also recently suffered pneumonia and had been a long-term smoker, had a tumour after an x-ray showed a mass in a lung. »